2 discussion (gang expert)

2 discussion (gang expert)

Respond to the following: Answer the discussion(X2). Include at least 2 references.

A good response to a written question should combine your personal experiences with theory to support your work. Be thoughtful and insightful and it must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. A good response to the question should be about 3-4 paragraphs, and address all of the issues that are raised. (Introduction, body and conclusion.) Thank you.

M1D1: Gang Formation

1. Initially, gangs began when an immigrant or excluded group sought protection against harsh living conditions. Do you think that this is the case today? What is a gang, and why is it important to be able to define it?

M1D2: Gang Violence

2. Valdez speaks of gang psychology precluding individual gang members from understanding the consequences of their actions. Do you think that this makes it easier for a gang member to commit acts of violence, as violence is typically committed as a group? Support your answer with reasons and references to your textbook and other academic sources


Valdez, Gangs: A Guide to Understanding Street Gangs (5th ed.)

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