3 page assessment

3 page assessment

3-4 pages

Describe your efforts to collect, organize and interpret information about the client. (phone call, 1 on 1 meeting at Dan-the client home) What are the client’s strengths and limitations?

Your assessment should include a discussion of relevant issues of age, class, color, disability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, stigma, and/or sexual orientation as applicable to your client. Be sure that your discussion of diversity links well with the client and or client situation.

Discuss how the issues of social and economic justice and human and civil rights may relate to this specific practice situation.

Assessment section, (Section Headings)

For 3 points describe how assessment information was gathered (what tools were used) Assessment Process

For 3 Points describe Client strengths and weaknesses

For 6 points, address all the issues listed on the rubric (age, class, color, disability, ethnicity, family structure, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, stigma, and/or sexual orientation) in a professional client summary– Client Summary

For 3 points discuss how social and economic justice and/or civil rights issues have affected your client— Social Justice

This is an Example of a Client Summary

FYI I left some of the example items. If the section is bold and underlined its info about my client for you to fill in and elaborate just a little more only a couple of sentences are needed.

Create– Is for you to just fill in something that matches the situation

Psychosocial Assessment

Family Composition: **REFER TO CLIENT SITUATION PAPER** This African American family consists of the 53 year-old maternal grandmother, Mary;

her 32 year old daughter, Susan; Susan’s 15 year old son, Jason; her 9 and 5 year old

sons; her 43 year old companion, Stanley; and Stanley’s 2 daughters, aged 13 and 18.

Employment/Finances: **CREATE** Mary is a retired corrections officer. She receives $6400.00/month in pension benefits

and an undisclosed amount from disability. Stanley works at a hardware store and earns $800.00/bi-weekly. Susan works at a grocery store and earns $650.00/bi-weekly.

Health: Dan dementia/ Mrs. Davis no health issues/ Amy-daughter no health issues

Legal: Dan not complying to court order, owning guns, and still driving

Education: Dan high school dropout/ self-made/ money from racecar & motorcycle industry/ rebuilt cars/ auto shop owner/ investments

Mrs. Davis- high school dropout never worked

Home Environment:

Dan Bread Winner strict, disciplinary , in charge of money/ Mother Mrs. Davis Passive, quiet, housewife/ Daughter Amy resents mother for being passive, rebellious as a teen but no real significant trouble close relationship with father in preteen years.

Core parental beliefs regarding child rearing: **CREATE BASED OFF HISTORY**

Mary believes that children should be seen but not heard. That is how she was raised and she thinks that worked OK for her. Mary uses physical discipline and described how she was whooped as a child and that made her straighten up. What is good for her must be good for her grandson Jason.

Susan has not had much time to spend with Jason. When Jason is around she allows him to do whatever he wants and sets no limits on his behavior. Every day with Susan is a “holiday” and she spoils Jason with electronics and new clothes because her mother, Mary, is too strict with Jason. Susan and Jason go to movies and they stay out late, even on school nights. Susan is trying to win her son back.

Goals: Dan to accept that he has health issues and allow his daughter to help him and to get the family relationship back in a healthy space

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