5th July Discussions

5th July Discussions

Discussion Question 1

It is said that the CEO and other corporate leaders are keepers of the organization’s memory. Please discuss this.

Discussion Question 2

Suppose that you give all candidates applying for a management trainee position a personality test that measures the five dimensions in the five-factor model. Which personality traits would you consider to be the most important for this type of job? Explain your answer.

Discussion Question 3

Using your textbook, and the Internet,

(Chapter 1: Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behavior

Chapter 2: Individual Behavior, Personality, and Values)

Apply the learning outcomes for the week/course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenarios:

As applied to your current professional career

As applied to enhancing, improving, or advancing your current professional career

As applied to a management, leadership, or any decision-making position

As applied to a current or future entrepreneurial endeavor

Discussion Question 4

Define each of the following terms, risk free rate of return, market portfolio, security market line, required expected rate of return, and beta. Add a comprehensive fictitious example to better clarify each of the preceding mentioned terms. Include evaluation of expected rate of return. What would be a good candidate for market portfolio in reality? Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Provide references for the content.

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