Add 4 pages for project completion

Add 4 pages for project completion

The Equifax Data Breach

The Equifax Data Breach

What CPAs and Firms Need to Know Now


Data Breaches Project – Essay- Information Technology for Accounting and Control

Essay Assignment on the Anatomy of a Data Breach

Find a recent interesting data breach. It must have been detected and first reported no earlier than in 2015. Preference is for those breaches involving corporations as victims, but you may consider other kinds of organizations. Please agree your choice with me, I mean inform me about it by “Week 04 ending at the latest”. Analyze and report on the data breach. You should state/provide the database (i.e. source of the information) on the data breach. In Your report, you should at least address the following:

Why Data Breaches: Explain why data breaches are worth studying

Description: describe the data breach very well, include details on the severity and effects on the organization, if any

Incentives for Breach: relate it to the suspected party(ies) who breached the data, motives, etc

Impact, Outcome and Implications: discuss its implications and impact (direct and indirect, explicit and implicit) and outcome, and relate this to the organization’s industry and the trend of such breaches

Why, Response, Prevention and Detection: discuss why such data breach occurred, and how the organization responded and how such data breach might be prevented and/or detected sooner

Further Recommendations: provide further recommendations

Discussion and Conclusion: discuss other relevant issues or comments in connection with the data breach. Submission Due date is the last day of class (Week 05) for the term.

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