Amazon web services test

Amazon web services test


As part of the interview process we are requesting the candidates to deploy a simple hello-world app. Use appropriate tools and build, configure and deploy an application to AWS instances.


Following are the commands to start the application.

Clone the git repo on npm install

Npm start

Implement a build system that constructs a deployable package for this code.


Use any config management tools ansible, chef, puppet, salt, etc. to configure your instances.


Write Terraform or cloud formation or scripts or configurations to deploy this minimal application on AWS using Linux. Use any tools, languages, or APIs you think are appropriate, but automate everything you can.

Have you thought about how will application can autoscale, load balance, detect failures and alert.

Discuss your solution if you had more time how will you improve it.

Is your solution scalable, is it secure, how easy it is to deploy changes, how easy it is to troubleshoot or track changes to the code, how can you implement logging, alerting for your application.

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