American History

American History

1. How did the Progressives respond the myriad of issue they saw in early 20th century America?

2.  Discuss the Progressive Movements’ reform agenda at the State and Federal level.

3. Compare and contrast Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson’s approaches to reform.

4. Describe Theodore Roosevelt’s and William Howard Taft’s polices toward Latin America and Asia. 5. What was the impact of progressivism in the US during WW I? 6. What were the results of the Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles? 7. What factors produced unprecedented economic growth in the 1920’s?

8. Along what fronts did traditionalists fight the culture war of the 1920’s, and with what weapons?

9. What caused the Great Depression? 10. What were the human costs of the Great Depression for Anglos, Latinos, and African Americans?

11. What were the differences between the “first’ and the “second” New Deals?

12. What did the New Deal accomplish, and what did it fail to accomplish?

13.   How did Franklin Roosevelt and the American people react to the rise of fascism and militarism in Europe and Asia?

14.   What were the major factors that prompted the United States to go from isolationism to interventionism?

15. How did the war affect the rights of Italian-Americans, Japanese-Americans, African-Americans and Mexican-Americans?

16.      How did America mobilize for war?

17.  Should President Truman have dropped the atomic bombs on the Japanese islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Why or why not?

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