Analyze Don Quixote

Analyze Don Quixote

Student’s Last Name 1

Susie Student

Rose Kulich

English 261 World Literature

15 July 2018


Thesis Statement: The essence of romance, bravery and errantry that encompass a true knight embrace the essence of Miguel De Cervantes’ chivalrous theme in the adventures of Don Quixote.

  • Romance
  • Affection and loyalty for Dulcinea
  • Romantic love an aspect of knighthood
  • Recognizes the chivalry in honoring the one he loves
  • Bravery
  • Honors the moral foundation of chivalry and knighthood
  • Defends Dulcinea’s beauty and virtue
  • Advocates the freedom of prisoners doomed to “forced labor”
  • Errantry
  • Professes to be a true knight and uphold the errands of a knight
  • Believes himself to be on a heavenly errand as a knight
  • Upholds the duties of a knight to help the less fortunate of circumstance and power
  • Though fictional, Quixote’s errantry is realism in his mind and world


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