Application: Forensic Psychology Professionals and Operations

Application: Forensic Psychology Professionals and Operations

In addition to institutional and organizational knowledge, a forensic psychology professional working with police and police operations must be familiar with laws that relate to each of the roles they may have as well as how these laws may be applied. Police professionals interact with the public daily and must be aware of the laws affecting their jobs in order to work within the system in a fair, impartial, and systematic manner. In turn, forensic psychology professionals also must be aware of laws related to the roles they perform in order to provide police professionals with accurate information and effective assistance. Since the police are in the public eye and subject to careful scrutiny, they are often judged by the community, their fellow officers, and police administration. Knowing and following the laws that guide their jobs protect police professionals from accusations of unjust behaviors and unfavorable public sentiment. Since laws change, it is essential to be familiar with current laws, as well as understand how these laws relate to the forensic psychology professional in a specific role in the police organization, and how the laws relate to police operations. To prepare for this assignment:

· Review the article, “Racial Profiling Laws in Your State,” and the Miranda v. Arizona court decision. Think about the relevant laws associated with police operations and how these laws relate to forensic psychology professionals working in police operations.

· Review the remaining Learning Resources for this week, focusing on the similarities and differences among the forensic psychology roles in police operations.

· Select two roles that a forensic psychology professional performs related to police operations. (Please select roles that you did not use for this week’s Discussion.)

· Using course Learning Resources, the Walden Library, or the Internet, research current laws related to the forensic psychology professional roles that you selected.

· Think about the similarities and differences between the two roles you selected, as well as the applicable laws related to these roles.

The assignment (12 pages): Briefly describe two roles that a forensic psychology professional may perform related to police operations. Analyze their function in police operations.

· Compare (similarities and differences) the roles you selected.

· Briefly summarize laws that are relevant to each of the roles you selected, and analyze how they are relevant to these roles.

· Evaluate the insights and/or conclusions gained because of your comparison.

· Support your responses with references to the Learning Resources and the research literature.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not  included in the Learning Resources for this course.

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