Asset and maintenance register

Asset and maintenance register

1 HEP: HEP: NSW5028/CRICOS Provider Code NSW00246M © Laureate International Universities 2016

Assessment Brief

Program Bachelor of Business

Subject code EVT207A

Subject name Event Venue Management

Assessment title Assessment 2 – Asset and maintenance register

Group or individual assessment


Length 1000 (+/- 10%) words (not including tables)

Learning outcomes addressed

c), d)

Submission date 11:55pm Sunday of Week 6

Total marks 40 Marks

Weighting 20%


Assessment Brief:

1. This assignment must be prepared and submitted individually, the work you submit must

be your own.

2. You should APA^ in-text referencing and include a reference list for any textbooks,

websites or other references you use to prepare your answers.

2 HEP: HEP: NSW5028/CRICOS Provider Code NSW00246M EVT207A – Evt207a_Assessment Brief 2 Asset Maintenance Reg Week 62

1. Identify 4 assets that would be important to a venue of your choice such as a Hotel, Convention Centre, Stadium, Wedding Reception Centre or Theatre. (20 Marks)

Your response should address the following:

• Name your venue and location then provide a brief background as to what it is, and what its’ uses are. If your venue is a single use/purpose venue then name the type of event for which the assets are required. If your venue is a multi-purpose venue, make sure you clarify what types of events the venue can host.

• Identify and name your assets, then describe each – this should at a minimum address each item’s composition/materials, functionality, purpose and uses;

• Provide your reason for selection of the items, and rationale for selection of each asset;

NB: Assets can be permanent or temporary but fixed, infrastructure related items not generic transportable items e.g. First Aid kits are not an asset, nor infrastructure.

2. Complete an Asset Management Register for the assets you have chosen using the template below.

(20 Marks)

Your content should be practical and appropriate for real life use. For example, an approximate lifespan for a hockey goal would not be 50 years as the nets and backboards would not last that long.

NB: Unless you actually work at the venue you’re doing your assessment on, information provided in purchase date and current condition sections will be an estimate. Research your selected assets to ensure you make a rational decision regarding approximate lifespan of your assets, and apply a similar approach for the scheduled maintenance section.

1.Asset 2.Purchase date 3.Current

condition 4.Life span Scheduled


3 HEP: HEP: NSW5028/CRICOS Provider Code NSW00246M EVT207A – Evt207a_Assessment Brief 2 Asset Maintenance Reg Week 62

Marking Criteria:









High Distinction


Identification and description of four

appropriate stadium or venue infrastructure

assets, and demonstration of personal

reasons & rationale for selection.

All areas of the asset management

register completed, including a

comprehensive item and product

description and logical, practical content

for items 3 -5; (30%)

Evidence of primary and secondary

research and wider, credible resources

such as professional and industry websites

or journals; (10%)


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