Assignment 1: Project Topic Proposal TOPIC: Discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community

Assignment 1: Project Topic Proposal TOPIC: Discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community

5 full pages – Times new roman – 12 point APA FORMATTING – REFERENCE PAGE



Imagine that you are asked by a high school student to explain how sociology would account for a current social problem (MY SOCIAL PROBLEM IS: Discriminatory behavior toward the LGBTQ community)

Please include at least 4 journal articles no more than three years old.  These journals MUST be accessible FOR FREE on the internet AND PURSUANT TO THE UNITED STATES.

Background – include and identify at least one of the major social theories (one to two pages)

The purpose of this assignment (research proposal), is to provoke the interest of the reader. It is also to convince the reader the importance and relevance of the topic. In the opening paragraphs, you want to make sure you introduce the reader to the particular question(s) your thesis is seeking to answer. What are you trying to discover or undercover? The introduction is not merely a summary of points to be elaborated on in later sections. Rather, your objective here is to inform the reader of the question(s), why it is important, and how your thesis will provide an answer.

Background: It may be necessary to provide the reader with some measure of background information relevant to the topic. This is particularly useful when your work is interdisciplinary, in which case it is even more likely that the reader will benefit from a section that contextualizes the question and supplies the history (30-50 years) and terminology so that the reader will be better able to follow the pages. Write it as if the reader is not familiar with the topic or issue. This leads you into the review of literature and research.  1-2 pages

Statement of the Problem, why it is important to study, and the Purpose of the study. (at least 2.5 pages)

What is the social problem? Why should we a society study this problem? What is the purpose of this study/research paper?

Research Questions – Here you are answering “What are you trying to discover or uncover.”  (3-5 questions). e.g., does where a person lives have an impact on their outcome?

Creditable Sources. be sure and include at least four peer-reviewed journal articles no more than three years old.  NOTE that the peer reviewed article should have been published in a sociological peer reviewed journal. I recommend that you use the JSTOR database via the APUS Library to identify the peer reviewed article and limit your search by Sociology.

Introduction/Conclusion. The introduction MUST include a thesis statement- AND BE NOTED IN BOLD.  You want to view your conclusion as a summary of the introduction.

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