Behavioral health HW

Behavioral health HW

Homework #5


*Please remember to cite all sources*


· Revisit your HW#2 where you developed a heart disease prevention program using the Transtheoretical Model for women in the three poorest zip codes in your city. Fill out the logic model template (available on Blackboard) for this program. In order to complete all aspects of the logic model, you will likely need to expand upon your original program. An example of a logic model is posted on Blackboard. Please upload your logic model in the space designated as “Homework #5 Logic Model Upload.” [20 points]

Short Answer:

· Do you think that behavioral change using behavioral economic principles is an ethical approach to behavior change? Why or why not? Please use evidence to support your claim. [10 points]

· Over the course of this semester, you learned about several different theories, models and approaches to behavior change. What challenges exist when attempting to translate these approaches into practice at the population-level? What strategies can public health professionals use to overcome these challenges? Use your textbook, other assigned readings or additional resources in your response. [10 points]

*There are no multiple choice/true-false questions for this assignment.

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