Kerenie Spencer


Dr. Felch

June 14, 2018

Case 20: You Decide: The case of Suzanne, Hair Pulling

Overview of Client symptoms

i) Her hair piles

ii) She pulls her eyelashes out.

From the case study, Suzanne might be suffering from Trichotillomania which is usually a form of Obsessive Compulsive disorder and it is related to disorder in the DSM-5 Oltmanns (2012). A disorder associated with excessive preoccupations and rituals.

Cognitive and Behavioral Pattern

A) She is preoccupied by this behavior and she finds it hard to stop.

B) Her behavior is hair pulling and eyelashes problems.

Initial Call

My name is Suzanne, an American by birth. I am calling to seek for medical advice from you. I have been having hair piles on my body a condition that has made me uncomfortable. I have been pulling my eyelashes out and the more I try not to, they more I continue. This is a condition that has resulted to some of my friends calling off the relationship we had earlier. I feel an odd one out each and every time I visit my friends. I usually remain in the house such that I feel I better die than get neglected. Kindly help me, I would like to get back to my normal life. Thanks.

Screencast Recording Link


Oltmanns, T. (2012). Case studies in abnormal psychology. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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