Clinical Diagnosing

Clinical Diagnosing

1. Clinically Diagnosing a Psychosocial Problem

The sign of an excellent clinician is the ability to identify one or two criteria that distinguishes the diagnoses from any other possibility. An ambiguous clinical diagnosis can lead to faulty course of treatment and hurt the client more than it can help. This week, using the DSM-5, assess a fictional character that is presenting certain psychosocial problems and determine if he/she meets the criteria for a clinical diagnosis. This is a culmination of learning from all the weeks covered so far.

For this Assignment, you are to choose a fictional character (e.g., from a book, movie, TV show) that presents with a psychosocial problem (e.g., depression, relationship problems, incarceration) and determine a clinical diagnosis for this character using the criteria of the DSM-5. Subsequently you will choose three words that best describe the diagnosis. These three words should distinguish this diagnosis from any other diagnosis. APA style, use headings per bullet and cite. Zero tolerance of plagiarism. Confirm character ASAP

· The rationale behind choosing the three words to best describe the diagnosis

· Brief description of the fictional character

· Description of the presenting problem of the fictional character

· Your clinical diagnosis using the DSM-5

· Provide three (3) assessment tools that can be used for diagnostic purposes

· The three words you believe describe this individual’s mental disorder

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