Closed Form:

Closed Form:

October’s Little Gift

All the leaves have fallen from the trees

My mind feels as bare as all the trees look.

Maybe I will still get through the day, though confused but with ease.


I struggle with the unknown, thinking of the day I will get to hold your tiny hand.

I hear your heartbeat, see your face on the screen, see your movement inside my belly.

I believe this may be what will get me through the day with ease. Less confused as I stand.


You do your best to come into the world early, before you are truly ready.

The fear is so scary, and it makes me feel so powerless. The unknown is ridden with fear.

I pray to get through the day without fear, with much ease. I pray God keeps my mind steady.


I need to lay down and rest, I need to close my eyes and sleep.

I feel you turn, twist, and move inside my belly.

I know I will get through today with much more ease. God has given me you to keep.


Fear, the unknown, these things will no longer overpower you and me.

We will get through the rest of these nine months together.

We have gotten through today with much more ease. My mind is a lock and God is the key.


The day for us to meet is growing near.

With moments of fear, you have grown in great health with love and care.

I am in the day with so much ease. This is now me without all the fear.


Free Verse:

The Long Walk

The pack is so heavy on my shoulders.

The clouds cover the sun and

I listen to the birds chirp as I pass the trail marker.

I hear the crunch of rock and dirt under my boots.


I did not even see him as I quickly approached.

He could not find his water filter and asked me

if I could help him get water from the nearby creek.

I did not know him, but I knew I should help.


He wrestled with his pack as he threw it over his shoulder.

Disgruntled and quiet, he seemed to be having a tough morning.

I threw my pack off and reached inside for my water filter.

I began to ask him how he was doing on this morning.


He told me how he burnt his oatmeal after waking up to a wet sleeping bag.

Upon inspection he found two small holes in the mesh of the tent roof.

He realized while pouring the last of his water in his camp fire cup for oatmeal,

that he had forgotten his water filter at his last camp site.


I thought about how terrible all that must have been.

How I had felt my first long backpacking trip and how I thought

everything was going wrong each day of my three days on the trail.

I knew things would have gone differently had I met someone who could

and would offer any help.


We reached the creek and I pumped clean water

into both of his water bottles. I packed up the filter into its neat clean bag.

I turned to him offering a granola bar and conversation.

I explained to him how my first backpacking trip went awry in every way.

In the end we laughed and shared moments of things going wrong on the trail.


We packed up our trash and I handed him my spare filter.

He thanked me for the snack, the conversation, and the water filter.

I told him thank you and began to head back to the trail. As I turned

he asked me why I was thanking him? I responded with how

God gave us this opportunity to see that even when we think our situation

is bad, he will provide us ways to see the good in everything.


The pack is so heavy on my shoulders.

The clouds cover the sun and

I listen to the birds chirp as I pass the trail marker.

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