Collaboration Exercise 7 285

Collaboration Exercise 7 285

: -:re SS proc€SS reengineering 263

:: -rmer life cycle 264 : :.r rrler relationshiP management

. R\{) system 26+ i integrity 260

.::ibuted systems 279 ::amic processes 254

: = rprise aPPlication integration

L\r) 271 .:rprise information system 257 .:rprise processes 257

.,M lSi** *” -c complete the Problems with the

Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) 26s

ERP system 265 FunctionalaPPlication 255

Functionalinformationsystems 255

Hybrid model 279 Industry-sPecific solutions 27 5

Information silo 259 Inherent Processes 267

Inter-enterPrise information

systems 257 Inter-enterPriseProcesses 257

r’1r,MlS:, :r,, go to EOC Discussion Questions in the Mylab’

Modules 265 ProcessbluePrints 273

Processeffectiveness 257

Process efficiencY 257 Self-efficacy 277 Storedprocedure 273

StructuredProcesses 254

Train the trainer 27 5 Trigger 273 WorkgrouP information system

Workgroup Process 255 255

7-1. Using the example of your university’ give examples of in- I formation systems for each of the three levels of scope

(workgroup’ enterprise, and inter-enterprise) discussed in

Q7-1. Describe three departmental information systems

Iikely to duplicate data’ Explain how the characteristics of

these systems relate to your examples’

7-2. Inyour answer to question 7-1′ explain how the three I worhgroup information systems create information silos’

Describethekindsofproblemsthesesilosarelikelyto cause. Refer to the discussion in Q7-3 as a guide’

7-3. Using your answer to question 7-2′ describe an enterprise ! irrfo.-ution system that will eliminate the silos’ Would

the implementation of your system require business pro-

cess reengineering? Explain why or why not’

7-4. Googleor Bing each of the top five ERP vendors discussed ln Q7-5. In what ways have their product offerings changed since this text was written? Do these vendors

have new products? Have they made important acquisi-

tions? Have they been acquired? Have any new companies

made important inroads into their market share?

7-5. Using the knowledge you gained from Chapters 4 and 6′

how do you think mobile systems and the cloud will affect

ERP solutions? Explain how mobile ERP might benefit the

types of personnel discussed in the bicycle manufacturing

examPle fromQT-4.

IJsing tl”rc collaboration lS you built in Chapter 2 (page 75)’

;ollaborate with a grotrp of students to answer the following ques-


The county planning office issues building permits’ septic

system permits, and county road access permits for all building

projects in a county in an eastern state’ The planning office is-

sues permits to homeowners and builders for the construction of

new homes and buildings and lor any remodeling proiects that

involve electrical, gas, plumbing, and other utilities’ as well as

the conversion of unoccupied spaces, such as garages, into liv-

ing or working space. The oflice also issues permits for new or

upgraded septic systems and permits to provide driveway en-

trances to countY roads.


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