Construction management writing assignment

Construction management writing assignment

SDC 100 Writing Assignment






“We must discard our belief in limitlessness…” Wiliiam Catton

here are the profound and eternal limits…


Scenario: You have just come back from a study abroad in Copenhagen and visited the Copenhill Power Plant by Bjarke Ingels. power-plant-xlarge.jpg

Using the information in the posted reading, “Green Cities and Garbage Death Rays”, develop 3 talking points you would use in a conversation with the land development company, Del Webb to convince them to use a Waste-to- Energy System to power their next large development project.

Possible points to use or approaches to take in building a case: • Reduced transportation costs • Zero emissions from burning trash • Clean energy • Reduced landfill costs & sizes • Reduced methane emissions from


• Cradle-to-cradle approach – no waste

• Power plants become architectural features of the community

• A cost-based argument • An environmental stewardship

argument • A community asset argument

• Landfills are more toxic than burning.

• Cost of burning vs recycling • Address arguments against

burning trash for energy or discuss only the benefits bakke-model-insides.png.pagespeed.ic.-6UDbQln7e.jpg power-plant-xlarge.jpg hundertwasser-donaukanal-3to2.jpeg/image_gallery

750 words +/- double space, 12 pt. Times Roman or Arial font

3 cited references outside of reading

Attend writing workshops

Using Blackboard, turn in on or before the date on the chart.

You will get your comments and initial grade back 1 week later and have 3 days to revise and resubmit for a better grade.

No resubmission, no grade change.


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