Crime Causation and Diversion Paper W2

Crime Causation and Diversion Paper W2

· Answer the following questions in a 100- to 150 word response:

· Describe the role of policing in relationship to juvenile justice.

· Discuss the different discretionary actions police officers may take in relation to juveniles they encounter.

· Describe the effects of gangs on juveniles.

· Compare community policing strategies regarding law enforcement’s role in relation to juveniles.

· Distinguish between educational, prevention, and community programs for juveniles:

· What are juvenile probation camps?  What is meant by intensive aftercare?  Are such alternative sanctions effective at reducing recidivism?  Why or why not?


· Summarize the history of police–juvenile relationships.

· Summarize juveniles’ attitudes toward the police.

· Describe police discretion and the factors that influence discretion.

· Summarize how police process juveniles.

· Describe how police agencies are structured to deal with juvenile crime.

· Summarize developing trends in how police deal with juveniles.

· Outline the development of gangs in the United States.

· Describe the types and activities of gangs.

· Summarize efforts to prevent and control gangs

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