Current Target Markets

Current Target Markets

Current Target Markets

Who are your high level markets? You may choose to write a summary of each, or simply list them here. This section will ensure that you’re clear on who you’re communicating with.

Mothers Grand Mothers
Moms with 1+ infant- 14 years. Grandparents who like to shop for grandchildren
General age range of 20-42 May be the daycare provider while parents are at work
Part of a moms group May be on social media or may use traditional channels for receiving information.
Interest in sports, dance, and activities their children partake in. Like to have equipment and toys at house for grandkids.

Current Audiences

Customer Touch Points

Who/what engages with your clients? Evaluate this to check for gaps and improvements. Use the current marketing materials of your brand to list what is current and what you can improve upon.

Touch Point Department Does it meet their expectation/need? Competitive Edge
Website Marketing Make sure to keep up to date with sales and events.

Keep imagery fresh and appropriate for season.

Use as an educational piece.

Could integrate more video.

Integrate more product and instore imagery.

Facebook Marketing A lot of good product placement

Schedule of events and sales communicated.

Could be more interactive.

Stay on top of postings.

Use more video.

Instagram Marketing A lot of good product placement.

Could be more glamour shots.

Could be more interactive.

Good product quality.

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