Data Breach Analysis

Data Breach Analysis

Running Head:  DATA BREACH


Data Breach Analysis


A data damage is a confirmed incident in which sensitive, confidential, or otherwise protected data has been used and / or disclosed in an unauthorized way. Data breaches can include personal health information (PHI), individual identifiable information (PII), trade secret or intellectual stuff.

Data breaches are more agile and malicious than ever. Many dangers are programmed to be unknown for as long as possible, unless it is disclosed at the appropriate time selected to receive the greatest damage.

There may be an intrusion sign before identification, but sophisticated data violations today are ignored for several months. In fact, research has shown that 10 out of 10 violations discovered over the past 10 years were unknown for more than a year. Can you guess what hackers are doing at this time? That’s right, hacker stealing your data.

The number one network vulnerability in most organizations is an unbalanced system. Traditional antivirus / malware countermeasures vendors cannot live at speeds that can threaten online criminals.


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