1. Attention Step

a. What would you do if you saw a man beating his dog? What if it was

a pig? Or a cow? Or a chicken?

b. Animals do not deserve to die for us to have a few moments of


c. Livestock pollutes our atmosphere more than transportation, and for


2. Need Step

a. According to the USDA, human beings consume 200 animals a year,

which is 200 pounds of meat, and 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide

released in the atmosphere

b. It’s not only killing innocent animals, its killing our environment that

our children and grandchildren are going to have to work hard to fix.

c. Transition: While the damages done to countless animals and our

environment can seem overwhelming, not all hope is lost.

3. Satisfaction step

a. I know it seems like you are just one person, and you won’t make a

difference. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

b. By not eating meat for just one year, you could save around 200

animals lives.

c. Transition: the ability to change the world and our environment is all

in our hands.

4. Visualization step

a. It all starts with one person and the power to use our voices to

influence the next person.

b. If you are vocal about this change that you’ve made in your life that is

benefiting the animals and the environment, others will catch on.

c. If you find yourself feeling alone in your beliefs and feel as though

your friends don’t share your morals, find online communities of

vegetarians and vegans. Support and motivate one another in your

path to a cruelty free world.


d. Transition: You will feel much happier knowing that you are leaving a

positive impact on this world and doing something

5. Action appeal step

a. I’m not asking that you quit cold turkey. I understand that is a huge

commitment for people.

b. Most importantly: educate yourself. Read articles from real, reliable

sources. Watch documentaries on what really happens in the livestock

industry. Once you see that, it’ll be difficult to view meat/dairy in the

same way.

c. At first, try doing one day a week without meat. Like a meatless

Monday. Then add two days and gradually work your way up to three

and then four days a week.

d. Make conscious choices when you buy meat or dairy products.

e. Understand that you can and you will make a difference in this world

if you choose to do so.

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