Describe a recent medical encounter

Describe a recent medical encounter

Reflect on a visit to a healthcare provider (physician, nurse practitioner, etc.) or hospital that you or a family member had recently. Then address the items below.

· Briefly describe the visit.

· Note: There is no need to identify the illness or injury specifically, therefore confidential information is protected.

· What kinds of staff/personnel did you encounter?

· Explain several types of information or data that you believe were documented in the medical record during that visit.

· Identify the kinds of data Entities that were related to the visit.

· Remember that an Entity is a person, place, thing, or event about which we must maintain data in the record.

· During the visit to the healthcare provider/hospital, could you tell whether an electronic healthcare record (EHR) was being used, and if so, what made you aware of that?

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