Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan

CSCI 1300 Disaster Recover Plan We have discussed many Computer Science topics this semester. One of the topics that we

covered was the idea of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), focusing on not only what it is but why it is important. This first came up in chapter 2 and was formally defined as: A written plan for

responding to natural or other disasters, intended to minimize downtime and damage to systems and data. You can also find more information about DRPs by viewing the following PDF

files, which are attached to this assignment:

• Sungard Recovery Services and Business Continuity Management

• The University of Arizona, Tuscon Disaster Recovery Subcommittee


For this project I’m going to give you two types of disasters that you would potentially have to recover from. You will select one of the disasters, and you will need to create a recovery plan for

recovering from that type of disaster. The document is worth a total of 100 points, with the value for each section clearly labeled in the grading section of this document.

The project will be due on the due date listed in this assignment folder by 11:59 PM. However, if

you would like to take some extra time, you may turn in the project on the assignment end date by 11:59 PM. Turn it in via the assignment dropbox as a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages


Please choose from one of the following types of incidents:

• Natural disaster • Maintenance or Feature update to software

Grading (100 possible points total) 1. Title page: 5 points

– Project Title – Company Name – Your Name

2. Plan Sections: 68 points (17 points for each section) 1. Introduction and Scope

– In this section you will provide a clear definition for what this plan is intended to recover from and which state you are going to recover to.

2. Team Members – List in detail here each member of the team. You should include fake names, titles, and

brief job descriptions. 3. Recovery Steps – This section should include each of the steps needed to recover from the disaster. It

should also detail which team member is responsible for completing each step. – This should be in the form of a checklist so that you can track when each step is

complete. 4. Testing the Recovery Plan – What steps are needed to ensure that the recovery will work?

3. Overall document look and feel: 10 points – Is there a company logo? – Is it easy to find the section and information you are looking for?

4. Clear writing: 10 points – Are your sentences well-written and easily understood? – Did you use the proper terms you learned this semester?

5. Creativity: 7 points – When I read these documents, those that earn the highest points in this section will include

enough details to demonstrate that the project was well thought through and include enough detail to design it well.

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