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Distributive negotiation gives an opportunity to discuss the several aspects of a situation. It is essential to analyze the different possible solutions to make sure that that the right decision is taken. Decision making is always the toughest as we stammer most of the times if it is the right decision or not and if it turns out that the decision does not lead to an essential output then it is again another problem and is taken as our failure to provide the right analysis on the situation. The groups can be symmetrical or asymmetrical which means that there can be people with similar ideas or dissimilar interests. When there are conflicts in ideas there is a necessity to negotiate the situation and come to a decision.

Coming to this scenario, casino gambling has both pros and cons which would benefit the state as well as might create a spur.

1.      Firstly, Casinos are meant for heavy monetary profits for the state and they can be utilized for the state’s development. Since the money is spent by the rich mostly it is better way to utilize the profits for a better cause.

2.      Secondly, it provides entertainment to the people giving rise to harmony.

The main drawback is ethically if this is a right decision for the state is debatable. If we think about an individual spending thousands of dollars and going bankrupt, we are basically providing that platform for an individual to lose his money which might end up in homelessness in long term. IT was observed that the rate casino gaming turning into gambling has increased over the years and there are many questions about being responsible for such a loss. As a country if raising money using gambling is unethical according to most of the negotiators. Based on my understanding, these are the pros and cons if the bill is passed or defeated.

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It is clear that the establishment of a gambling casino will generate a lot of revenue for the state. The revenue collected from the casino is taxed thus increasing the government’s revenue. The government revenue is used to fund   the state programs such as educational institutions and hospitals thus creating employment as well growing the country’s economy. Most of the best performing gambling casinos will tell how good revenue they have been earning.

The casino gambling has improved with the advancement in technology, such that the new machines and gadgets have been introduced in the market, as opposed to the traditional world where some of these machines did not exist.

This casino gambling bill has the advantage of immediate approval from the government since it creates a wide opportunity for the state to compete with other countries .this completion among different countries makes the casino company to sell itself this motivates many countries to participate in this game which improves the casino sales in general (Campbell, 2009).


Gambling itself is quite addictive thus if not carried out wisely may lead to the gambler loosing huge amounts of money. The casino games are addictive where by many youths are into it for example the money laundering; this may make them to commit crime when they lose in such games. Some may involve themselves in activities like robbery in such of cash to gamble. Some gamblers may also mishandle money by being tempted to gamble thus raising conflict issues like in families.

The casino gambling bill will most likely not be passed since many families are hurt by the activities accompanied by it. These activities include: loss of money, increased use of drugs and alcohol as well prostitution immoralities.

It is not an assurance that all the casinos may pick well thus if not so, causing closure of some business leading to huge losses of money (Campbell, 2009).

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