Disengagement Letter

Disengagement Letter

Law Office Administration

Professor Fiorentino

Disengagement Letter

1. Associate lawyer Pat Parker has just finished an initial interview with a possible new client, Sam Shady. The client is claiming to have been beaten by Metropolitan District Police on November 1, 2016 while he was harmlessly walking through his neighborhood. He wants huge damages. Pat, new to delegating work, tells you: “I don’t think the guy is telling the truth. This case is an ethical violation in the making. Plus, even if it is true, the clock is running on this one. I don’t know if we would have time to do the legwork and file it before the limitations period runs out. Just write a simple letter telling him we cannot take his case.”

To be completed in class: work with a group in drafting that letter. How might you tactfully explain to Sam that Pat cannot take the case? Remember the statute of limitations for Sam to file his claim is one year from the date of injury or November 1, 2017. Pretend you are writing this letter on October 25, 2017.

Your will turn in a draft of this letter on March 29th.

A revision of this letter will be included in your management portfolio at the end of the semester.

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