Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

BANKS Industries

Diversity in the Workplace

Welcome to the HR department’s presentation on achieving diversity in the workplace.


What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Workplace diversity means creating an inclusive environment that accepts each individual’s differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities for all staff to achieve their full potential.

Valuing difference allows each person to contribute their unique experiences to the workplace and can impact positively on not only internal activities and relationships, but the experiences of customers and other stakeholders as well.

The majority of diversity initiatives have a focus on increasing minority representation at all levels in our organization, creating awareness and an inclusive culture.


Why should BANKS Industries become an even more diverse workplace?

The long-term success of BANKS Industries calls for a diverse body of talent that can bring fresh ideas, perspectives and views.

Embracing Diversity will:

Enable managers to capitalize on the mixture of genders, cultural backgrounds, ages and lifestyles of our employees

Allow BANKS Industries to respond to business opportunities more rapidly and creatively

Diversity initiatives were originally designed to increase ethnic and minority representation, and those efforts have largely been successful. However, focusing on the diverse talents of culturally varied workforce will enable the business of BANKS Industries to thrive.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion fosters creativity And innovation

Our workforce is made up of women And men from many cultures and generations

All races, ethnicities, and cultures are employed

Five generations in the workplace

You can have an ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse workforce, but that alone does not guarantee you will achieve diverse viewpoints and ideas. An important step to build a more inclusive work environment is to teach line managers and HR managers that inclusion occurs at various organizational levels—at the level of the organization (or department),at the level of relationships within organizations (both vertically and horizontally), and at the level of the person.


The HR Departments Talent Management Strategy

Attracting, selecting, engaging, developing and retaining employees

Talent-management strategies of diversity, whose main root is diversity of thought

HR leaders need to assume the role of change catalyst if diversity is to become a powerful force for increased business results

The highly competitive business environment demands outstanding workforce performance. HR, as a business partner, must assist BANKS Industries management in understanding how workforce behaviors and capabilities drive strategy execution. In order for a diversity and inclusion program to succeed, HR professionals need to secure buy-in from senior management. Obtaining buy-in requires HR professionals to outline how a diversity and inclusion program will help the company reach strategic goals, laying out the business case for the program.


Training Plan Outline

An organization that has a strong commitment to diversity is more likely to have employees who are highly engaged

The task for the HR department is to grasp all issues related to workplace diversity

Claim a strategic leadership space

Proper hiring

Management and employee training

Diversity initiatives first focused on ethnic, racial, and cultural differences encompassing two primary objectives: (1) ensuring a workforce with diverse representation, and (2) managing that diversity. The first objective could be accomplished through recruitment. The second requires training for management and employees (Cairns, T., & Preziosi, R. 2014).


Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Invite collaboration and idea sharing

Open office space

Glass doors or no doors

Break areas

Ad hoc group problem solving

Access to information

Town-hall style meetings


Our Organization needs to create a work environment that not only invites diversity of thought, but encourages it. These new HR policies and practices support organization culture, work processes, and organizational structures and they will contribute to the capability of BANKS Industries to “access diversity of thought” (Diaz-Uda, A., Medina, C., & Schill, B. 2013).

The HR department will approach managers and equip them with messages to inform, educate, engage or empower employees where appropriate. This communication plan will incorporate executive presentations, social media posts, internal newsletters, intranet and email communications.


Human Resources Development Focusing on Diversity of Thought

Encourage open discussion and brainstorming

Ask difficult and challenging questions

Reward truth speakers

Work through disagreements using influencing skills

Insist on more than one or two options

Build in time to reflect and revisit tough decisions

Developing and promoting diversity of thought does not necessarily require designing new HR programs, these are basic but effective rules to follow.


Creating A Diverse Workplace

Discuss diversity with your employees, highlighting the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workplace

Identify and address any unconscious bias in recruitment, retention and promotion that may be preventing particular groups of people from joining or staying in our workplace

Value individual skills that employees bring, including language skills and international experience that may help to broaden our market and business connections

Ensure flexible work options are available to all staff, including comprehensive parental leave policies for both men and women

Be aware of different cultural practices and special needs of employees and make workplace adjustments where appropriate

Take steps to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace

BANKS Industries must find ways to incorporate diversity into the workplace without causing major changes to the way we operate. Incorporating diversity practices can include recruiting from varied talent pools to make the company open to employees from various backgrounds. These tips are an important, necessary step in BANKS Industries continued success.



Stretch the definition of cultural fit

Communicate cultural values

Encourage employees to be themselves

Resist the One-Right-Way Syndrome

Nothing happens without top management driving it

Attract and hire talent for diversity of thought, expand BANKS Industries definition of fit. Top management needs to share our corporate culture and values with all employees. Encouraging employees to be themselves promotes creativity and thinking outside the box. Most decisions come down to the right way and the wrong way, but having only two solutions to any situation should be avoided. The Banks Management team must lead the way to have diversity be a core value that drives the business.


Projected Outcome and Success Measurement

To make sure that diversity and inclusion initiatives are having a positive impact, it is imperative for the HR department to measure results of the programs that have been implemented

Outcomes such as increased representation of identified groups and improved employee satisfaction are two of the most important metrics to track

Other measurements, such as improved employee retention, public recognition and awards can also indicate how BANKS Industries is performing in its diversity and inclusion program

Implementing this Diversity and inclusion program will provide BANKS Industries the opportunity to tap into the strengths of our workforce.

Interview and observational methods can be used to target specific variables of interest and gain a social world perspective of the employees (Burkard, A. W., Boticki, M. A., & Madson, M. B. 2002).





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