Documentary Viewing Questions

Documentary Viewing Questions

These questions are listed roughly in their order of appearance in the documentary.

1. Over the last two decades, how has the number of Central Americans living on Long Island changed?

2. How many MS13 gang members does law enforcement estimate is active on Long Island?

3. What is thought to have given rise to the growth of MS13 on Long Island?

4. What does “UAC” stand for?

5. What are “iceboxes”?

6. What even severely escalated Suffolk County authorities’ concerns over MS13 in September 2016?

7. In investigating suspected crimes committed by MS13, what challenges do authorities face, especially in terms of gaining the cooperation of the public?

8. Why were community leaders skeptical of Suffolk County’s vow to wipe out MS13?

9. How did the Trump administration respond to the quadruple murder of four males in Suffolk County?

10. In the wake of the quadruple homicide and increased national scrutiny, what was the response in schools?

11. According to Suffolk County law enforcement officials, why don’t they disclose the criteria they use to identify youths with MS13 affiliations?

12. Why did Immigration and Customs Enforcement refer to their crackdown of MS13 as Operation Matador?

13. What happened to suspected MS13 members who were swept up by Operation Matador?

14. What type of detention did Junior experience in Virginia? How did he respond?

15. How long after initially being detained did it take for Junior to see a judge?

16. How did the judge rule in Junior’s case?

17. What did the federal government argue in their lawsuit against the federal government?

18. After a federal judge ruled in favor of the ACLA and by the time the documentary aired, how many minors had received hearings and how many had been released?

19. Jesus was not a minor when arrested in Operation Matador? What happened to him and what were his main concerns?

20. How many people were arrested in Operation Matador, and how many of those were deported?

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