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Domino Pizza Company


Domino Pizza Company

Tiia Woods



July 02, 2018

Domino’s Pizza Company


Domino pizza has been a number one pizza-making company and other side dishes; it is still trying so hard to maintain its position as a number one pizza maker (Reniers, 2016). For quite some time now the company has been a loved company its customers do enjoy the pizza from Domino. The secret behind Domino success is they take their customers suggestion seriously. Domino has design thinking elements they use for its effectiveness.

Elements of design thinking

In design thinking, there are five main elements; in this case, we will look at the way these elements have made Domini Pizza Company useful.

1. Curiosity: design thinking recognizes curiosity as an innate and that it is crucial for innovation. In Domino pizza company they have the curiosity to know what clients need, and they work so hard to satisfy them concerning quality and availability (Davidson, 2014). Domino has had a motto that governs them which is to be ‘number one to people (clients) and to have number one pizza.’ This curiosity has helped a lot Domino for a long time, and from reach, it was realized that this is their secret of success and they use the curiosity for innovation. Their company has expanded remarkably because they understand what their customers need out of curiosity.

2. Unconventional problem solving: in this case solving a problem can mean what the company needs to do or what they can improve to capture more customers. Domino used this element when they innovated from pizza making to more side dish making company. Domino shows a need to add other dishes like oven-baked sandwiches, fried chicken, side dishes, and desserts because they knew this would work; as their customers come

they may need an extra meal by just seeing even though the customer never intended to buy. The addition of other dishes helped Domino to expand widely.

3. Another way domino solved the problem is to develop its company to other countries; today Domino serve approximately sixty countries which has helped Domino to be useful.

4. Empathy: this means to understand what the mindset of the clients is, for Domino since the beginning they have been so keen with their customers. They give their customers a chance to say what they need, and they consider it. The empathy has helped a lot Domino it has made it expand worldwide, and it has retained its name as a good Pizza making company.

5. Diversity in perspective: this is the way to have different people skills and how different people’s knowledge work when alone and when working together (Davidson, 2014). As a company it is good to understand employees and employers should understand themselves, this helps workmate to know who to work with and at what time and under what situation.

6. Making fast: this is to make the product faster so that they can be available all time. An excellent product does not mean it should take too long; a good product should be accompanied with the time taken to produce the product. Taking too long the product may lose its value even before its used or value before it is used. Domino has been satisfying its clients because they know the rule of MVP (minimum variable product) they make their food available all the time hence clients can rely on them in all time.

Excel of Domino

Domino has excelled in taking care of the customers, and Domino has excelled in maintaining them. Domino with its excellent customer services they have managed to know how their customers react in different issues and they have made their customers so friendly that they can tell them areas to correct and areas to improve. Once Domino gets a customer’s view, they have been working so hard to satisfy that clients they take each client very seriously in any comment they make.

Second, Domino has excelled in creating a website which customers use to give their view. Those customers who do not dare to face the customer services directly they use the site to provide their opinions also the company use the site for all the updates they what to make (Hippel, 2014). The site has helped a lot and has made the work of Domino Company easy as they can reach their customers quickly at any time.

Third Domino succeeded in adapting the new technology where they do use technology like the computers and the internet to make customers’ orders online and also they are now using the internet to do the business like the internet has helped them to advertence their company. The company is now worldwide known, and this internet has helped a lot of customers far can order pizza at any time and any day.

Areas Domino to improve

Domino has been successful for a long time. Being a successful company, it has no much area to improve on, the only area to improve on is local supplying. With the help of the internet, Domino should allow local clients to do orders online and to be provided the food to their doorsteps Home delivery should be introduced because with home delivery many clients will love to order the pizza and all the dishes (Evans, 2013). Sometimes you find clients in need of a product, but they do not have time to go for them so if Domino starts doing home delivery they will be surprised by the increase in clients.

Domino improvement in Design thinking and innovation

Design thinking: to improve design thinking the following factors should be considered. Ideation, this is o have a crazy imagination example is that Domino at first, they did not know what real customers needed they imagined to be customers and they did what they could have loved to get from any pizza-making company, and that is how they came up with their first pizza. Second is talk to people, talking to clients is essential because it is the customers who you target so when a product, produced should be suitable for them. For one to know what clients need you must talk to them and gather all the information carefully.

Innovation: innovation needs the following methods to improve. One, have a deep understanding of clients, this is to understand each customer’s expectation and try to reach a client’s expectation. Second, have outside sources of information; this is to have outside the company workers whose work is to gather information from clients to know areas in which to improve and to get area clients are happy with (Hippel, 2014). When having these workers, they should be cautious about the way they gather information not to bother customers this should be done in a professional way (Reniers, 2016). Third, favorable company culture, this is to have a culture that will soot all the works and employers not forgetting the clients. With favorable company culture, every member of the company will feel comfortable working and be investing in the company.


In summary, Domino pizza company is a well-known company which has been working for more than fifty years. It has widely expanded. Domino has excelled in its business well, and it has nothing much to work on concerning improving. The only area which it should improve is on home delivery.


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