ENG 111 Research Essay

ENG 111 Research Essay

ENG 111 Research Essay

Snapshot Research Prompt #1
Text/Source Requirements “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 123 – 135)

“Learning to Read” by Malcolm X (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 161 – 169)

“Looking for Work” by Gary Soto

“Beyond Outrage” by Robert Reich (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, pg. 399-406)

“Dollar Street” by Anna Rosling Rönnlund (TEDx Stockholm)

Popular news websites

Formatting/Citation MLA format, in-text and parenthetical citations
Length 4 FULL pages

Using your best writing skills, draft a 4 page essay in MLA format in which you address the topic below:

After reading “Beyond Outrage,” consider Reich’s ideas about poverty. Analyze the portrayal of the poor OR the rich by using ONE American news agency and ONE foreign news agency.

You must have:

1. Introduction (with a thesis)

2. Body paragraphs (with topic sentences and supporting details from sources)

3. Conclusion

Sources with specific or technical information are required and must be documented using MLA format.  You may ONLY use the sources above.

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