Personal Goal Academic Goal Professional Goal
Goal My personal goal is to save $400,000 by the time I retire. To achieve this, I will have to save at least 10% of my salary per month for the rest of my working life. My academic goal is to score at least an A in every course that I am taking by the end of the semester.

My professional goal is to be promoted to a higher employment role and be a team leader within the department in the next five years.
Specific This is a specific goal because of its quantifiable objective and a specific result. I have specifically stated that I need to have $400,000 in my retirement account by the time I retire. This goal is specific because it has a measurable objective where I have specifically stated that I want to score at least grade B in all courses. This goal is specific in the sense that I have clearly stated that I want to be promoted to a higher role. Further, I have categorically stated that I want to be a team leader within the department.
Measurable This goal is measurable because I will know that I have achieved my target when I will have $400,000 in my retirement account when I retire. This goal is measurable since it is easy to measure or determine my grade based on the marks and the instructor’s grading criteria. This is a measurable goal, given that the company has a clear set out criteria that is used when promoting employees.
Attainable The goal is attainable because I can comfortably save at least 10% of my salary. This goal is attainable because I am able to work diligently and score as high as high marks as I can in CATs, assignments, and exams if I work hard and smart enough. This goal is attainable because I have the relevant qualifications and experience for promotion. I only need to work smart and prove to the appointing authorities that I am capable of leading a team.
Realistic This goal is realistic because I have a secure job and I expect to continue working until I retire. Further, the amount that I plan to contribute per month is realistic. The goal is realistic because I have set out a smart studying strategy that will enable me to achieve this. I will make sure that I study teachers’ notes for at least 3 hours every day and practice using relevant past questions. prac This goal is realistic because the position that I am aiming at is not too high and is within my ability. The duties and responsibilities of a team leader are within my ability.
Timely This goal has a time component since I have stated that I am saving between now and the time I retire. This goal is realistic because it is to be achieved by the end of the semester. I have stated that I want to achieve my goal within the next two years. This therefore means that my goals are time-bound.
Main Discoveries From the Worksheet for Monitoring Time, I have noticed that whenever I am working, I am tempted to step away for a moment and glance at my feed in social media accounts. This occasional look at my media accounts ends up taking a lot of time in total. I also discovered that I spend too much time either working, doing school work, or carrying out other personal duties that I forget to spend quality time with my family. Perhaps I need to reschedule my timetable and allocate more time with my family since they are also important to me.
More/Less Time Than Thought Using the time monitoring worksheet, I discovered that I spend less quality time with my family than I initially thought. I realized that I do not spend much time with the children apart from the time I take them to bed. Probably, I should incorporate the time spent on television and cooking and spend some of it with them. I also discovered that I push my assignments towards their deadlines, thus affecting end of semester activities. I need to have a habit of doing tasks at their rightful time.

Actions Goal Action Plan
Change my time management plan: How can it support achieving my goals? Personal Avoiding procrastination and start my savings plan right now.
Academic Do all assignments and other academic tasks as soon as they are assigned.
Professional Arrive at work early enough to prepare for the day’s tasks.
Monitor my progress: How well am I working toward achieving my goals? Personal Ensuring that the pledged money is deducted from my salary and deposited into my retirement savings account every month without fail.
Academic Ensuring that no assignment or other academic task goes into the second half of what its due date is. For example, if the due date is in two weeks’ time, I must complete the task within the first week.
Professional Ensuring that all the tasks assigned are completed excellently and in time. Trying out leadership duties.
Feedback process: How can I tell when my time management plan is off-target and needs correction? Personal By checking my savings progress at some point in time and comparing the results with what is expected.
Academic If I find myself doing most of my assignments in the second half of the due period.
Professional When I find myself arriving at work late and not completing assigned tasks within the time given.
Create a strategy:

How can I or reward myself for following my time management plan and moving toward my goals?

Personal Going for a short holiday with my family.
Academic Spend the extra time watching a movie when all homework is done.
Professional Checking on my social media accounts whenever I complete assigned tasks before time to go home.

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