Throughout this course you have written several journals in response to a variety of different writing prompts relating to each topic. Your final journal entry will be an extended journal entry in which you will chronicle various events in your life leading from enrolling at GCU, through program completion, and career success.

Required Materials

The Writing Process Presentation

Microsoft Word


Respond to the following prompts in paragraph form (one paragraph per prompt-four paragraphs total). Use specific examples to support and enhance each response.

1. Who are you personally? Where are you from? How have your background and family values shaped who you are today? What are some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

2. What are your past academic experiences? Describe your schooling experience prior to GCU. What did you like most? What did you dislike? Who was your favorite teacher and why? How, when and why did you decide to enroll at GCU? What is the biggest or best thing you expect to gain from attending GCU?

3. Where are you academically? What are some of your academic goals? Personal goals? What will you do now to ensure you will be able to reach those goals? When do you expect to complete your program of study? What type of job do you expect to have upon graduation? Why did you choose that profession? What salary expectations do you have? How will your life change as a result of graduating from GCU?

4. What does your future hold? Who are people within your planned profession that you think you can learn from? What qualities do they have that you admire? How did they achieve success in your chosen field? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? The next 20 years? How will your life contribute positively to the lives of others? How will you be of service? How do you define success? How will you know in the future if you have achieved success?

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please review for originality prior to final submission.

Format Requirements

Your response must be between 500-750 words. (Don’t exceed 750 words count).

Use below information to complete above questions:

Q1 Info: I am Burgoon David born April 17th, 1995 in Accra, Ghana. I moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2012. Then moved to Hampton, Virginia after I joined the United States Navy in 2006; and I have been living in Virginia since. I am married with three children- One boy and two girls. I am the third child of the family and have two senior brothers and three junior sisters-raised by both parent. I am the third in my family to attend college. Being the only one in the family that moved to the United States, I have to support my parents and siblings financially. Thus, this have motivated me to be a stronger person in life. Some of my greatest strengths are: I am a dedicated person with the great work ethics, and very resourceful to the people that are close to me. My only weakness is the ability to stay focus on my school work and not procrastinate so much. This is my weakness because instead of me doing what I got to do I always come up with a reason to do it the next day or wait to the last minute.

Q2 Info: I have attended three colleges prior to GCU. The first one was in Accra, Ghana (Accra Automobile Engineering School) where I spent three years and graduated. Second one was in Philadelphia, PA ( Community College of Philadelphia) where I only took four classes before I joined the Navy. The third one was University of Maryland University College where I major in Information Technology in Computer Science emphasize in Cybersecurity, but I only took seven classes and transferred to GCU due to failing to provide adequate information on my core courses. What I like most when I attended Accra Automobile Engineering School and Community College of Philadelphia they had committed instructors; and their fees are less expensive. However, I dislike going to physical class every day because both schools only had satellite campus available. My favorite teacher out of all these three colleges was Mrs. Grey, who was my instructor in my English 101 class at UMUC. I like her most because she was able to build trusting relationships with her students which led to creation of a safe, positive, and productive learning environment. Also, she was dedicated to teaching and approachable which led to my success during her course session. When I decided that UMUC, my past college was not for me then I did my research on my next college, and I found out that GCU is one of the accredited college in my major, IT Programs. The biggest thing I expected to gain from GCU is to get my degree in Cybersecurity and become one of the best leaders in the world.

Q3 Info: UNV103 is my first class at GCU and I have few transferred college credits from my past colleges. See the attached for more information Q3…

Q4 Info: You can also use the information in the attachments to answer this and your own ideas.

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