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In the world that we are living in, there are things that have a direct positive or negative impact on the society or a specific group of people; for instance teenagers. However, it is impossible to understand the impact unless a quality analysis is done which helps in determining the positive and the negative impact. Such knowledge thus helps the society or the targeted group of people to learn how to apply caution to reduce the negative impact and also take advantage of the benefits for self-improvement. This assignment shall focus on pointing out some issues that negatively and positively affect the society and teenagers in specific from my subculture.

In “How are Hip Pop and Rap Music affecting Youth?” the author divided her articles into two parts. First, how hip pop affects the audiences’ sexually behavior and second, how hip pop affects teenager’s drug use. In the first part, she used the data shows the relationship between Hip-Pop and sexually activity compare to the black and white. The second part of the article is how Hip-Pop singer glamorizing that affects people on drugs usage between the black and white.

Another article I found really interesting is “Impacts of Rap Music on Youth.” Both article “How are Hip Pop and Rap Music affecting Youth?” and “Impacts of Rap Music on Yout.” are talking about how the Hip-Pop affects youth group. However, compared to the first article that talks about the negative influence on the youth this article is about the positive side about the Hip-Pop. This article talks about five different positive effects on youth. First, unification and education in this part the author focused on that Hip Pop raise people’s social identification and Hip Pop is globalize that cross different ethnic groups different language and it may raise people’s attention on some social equity issues. The second effect is Hope, many Hip Pop singers come from the poorest area, this may give the author has similar background hope, that one day they may become a singer or go through what their struggles. Third positive affect is Social Awareness; this part is a little bit similar like the first part that brought up the people’s attention to the social identity.

The society today has embraced computers and is being used in different ways to achieve different purposes and aims. However, despite the massive use of computers, there are some ways that people benefit and also suffer. In “Positive and Negative Impact of Computer in Society,” the main focus is on the positive and negative impacts that computer has in the society because the author claims that computers are used by all people in the society. In the article, the authors claim that there is a series of a positive impact that computers have on the lives of the people. Some of the benefits are that they help in easing communication, to promote research especially in the field of science, banking, and engineering. However, they also have a negative impact like addiction and they can attract idleness and laziness. Again, computers have contributed to increased levels of lack of employment because computers ease work thus making the employers not to be in need of a high number of employees. Computers have exposed children and teenagers in the society to unhealthy materials obtained through online means, for instance, watching music and other immoral materials.

“Culture and Social Impact of Mobile Technology” is unlike the third article that focuses on computers and their positive and negative impact on the society, the authors in this article focuses on elaborating the cultural and social impact that mobile technologies which include computers have on the society. The article is different from the third article in order to create a clear image of what technology is all about and how it affects the society. The reason is that over the years, the use of mobile phones have increased as compared to the use of computers and this means that in the present times, mobile technology is impacting the society more that computers do. Sadly, the impact is felt both culturally and socially.

According to the author, mobile technology has a series of positive and negative impacts on the society. In this article, the mobile technology came as an advancement of computer technology because the mobile technology is much lighter and portable. Since the development of the mobile technology, social communication among members of the community has improved for the better thus making it possible for people to communicate with ease than before. It has also become easier for members of the same community to share their cultural beliefs and practices with each other thus becoming a media of cultural knowledge sharing. Sadly, the same technology is used to erode cultural beliefs and practices. The reason is that they are used to learn about other cultures. Moreover, the technology is addictive in nature and the convenience of calls and short messages have eliminated the importance of social contacts and dialogue. Again, the authors claim that mobile technology has become a platform for bullying each other as well as exacting unhealthy pressure.

The four selected articles have information that has a direct impact on the society. These are issues that the society encounters at one time or the other and other issues like mobile and computer technology are issues that the society encounters on a daily basis. All the four articles in a detailed manner capture the benefits and challenges of the issue under discussion. For instance, the first article captures information about rap and hip-hop music and the second article being on a similar topic. From these two articles, it is evident that hip hop and rap music have benefits among the youths and also poses challenges to them as well. the two articles provide great insights that the society and particularly youths and their mentors can learn to realize how these type of music can be used to positively impact them and not to hurt them.

The last two articles are more into technology which has become part of life in the present time where the main areas of focus are computers and mobile phones. According to these two articles, it is evident that the society needs and must make use of these two technologies but the sad reality is that they negatively impact the society. The articles on music are highly connected with technology-related articles. The reason is that to view and listens to rap and hip-hop music, teenagers mostly make use of these two technologies. The fact that the benefits of these music genres and technologies have been clearly stated is a good thing because it has empowered the youths and the society to learn how to make use of them to improve themselves and also be aware of the danger and avoid them.

From the four articles, I have learned that the things that people find interesting and use often also in a way to affect them. The reason is that teenagers love hip-hop and rap music thinking that it is good for them but unfortunately there are hidden negative and the same case happens to the mobile and computer technologies. From the four articles, one thing I have learned is that all that glitters does not necessarily mean to be good and perfect but could be hazardous. Thus, I have learned that caution and taking time to analyze issues and understand them from a positive and negative point of views would go a long way in using and handling issues from a positive point of view. For instance, I have learned that mobiles help in easing communication but kills physical contact and one-on-one communication. With this knowledge, one can hence use the technology to ease communication but avoid the addiction part of it to avoid social communication erosion. Again, teens can use music to relax and avoid engaging in immoral activities like sexual acts and drug abuse which comes in handy with taking an active part in rap and hip-hop music. In overall, all the four articles capture sensitive areas that the community should be aware and cautious of to avoid facing the challenges that can emanate from since they have the ability to affect and paralyze the society.

The knowledge gained from these sources would go a long way in helping me in the next research step. The reason is that in this step, I have gathered some facts and main ideas that should be used to base the research thus making it well detailed and relevant. Moreover, I have learned how the different authors have captured different ideas in a systematic manner and ensuring that all points are well elaborated. Thus, I have learned how I will arrange all the points and ideas to be captured in the research to make it comprehensive.


Article1 How are Hip Pop and Rap Music affecting Youth


Article2 “Impacts of Rap Music on Youth.


Article3“Positive and Negative Impact of Computer in Society,”


Article4“Culture and Social Impact of Mobile Technology”


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