Essay on Cinematography

Essay on Cinematography


Essay on Cinematography

In this essay you are asked to analyze the cinematography and editing in the clip below.


Identify the shots, discuss the framing of the action and explain the editing selection.

You must:

1) Name the shot by their proper name (long shot, close up, crane shot, close-up, and others) and tell us why the cinematographer is using this particular shot and not a different shot to communicate the information he feels it’s critical for this scene and the story a whole.

2) Discuss the logic in the framing of the action.

3) Explain the reasoning behind the editing selections. For example, why does the editor use a jump cut instead of swipe or iris?

Things to keep in mind:

· Use the terminology to inform your discussion (the glossary in the back of your book will be helpful here)

· Highlight the terminology you use in your discussion

· Use the proper name for the shot and editing selection you identify

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