Evaluation essay

Evaluation essay



ESSAY #3: Evaluation

Format: Double-spaced, 10 or 12 point plain, professional font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, etc.) One-inch standard margins all around. First page heading should have your name, course name and section (ENGL 1020-##), professor’s name, and date. Save your document in Word (“.doc” suffix), Rich Text Format (“.rtf”) or PDF. Label your file as “LastnameEvaluation.doc.”

Use MLA format for in-text citations and “Work Cited” page. You should have at least 2 sources. One primary, one secondary.

Length: 500-750 words, or 2-3 double-spaced pages. The “Works Cited” page does NOT count towards this page count.

Due Date: 11:59 pm Monday, June 25 in the Dropbox.


· Analyzing your topic and determining what sort of criteria you will use to evaluate your subject

· Creating a persuasive thesis that states your subject and the main reason for your evaluation

· Develop an argument of evaluation in which you use your criteria to make your case for your selection

· Understanding the difference between a primary and secondary source and choosing appropriate ones.

· Continuing practice on integrating direct quotations and creating accurate, coherent paraphrases from your sources to support your claims

The Assignment: Think about the different hobbies or passions you have, and how people determine what makes a particular figure or example of it better than another. For example, who do you think is the best player in your favorite sport, and why? Or what is the best example of a videogame in a specific genre? Or the best movie in a genre?

You’re going to choose a specific figure or object from your favorite passion (sports, movies, television shows, music, videogames, etc) and argue for why they are the best of their kind. You need to come up with criteria for evaluating your choice and even consider context: are you looking for the best player(song, movie, videogame, etc.) of the year, the decade, of all time? Choosing your context will affect your criteria.

· Support your thesis with how your choice fulfills your criteria. Use examples from at least two sources. Don’t use Wikipedia! Have at least one primary source and one secondary source.

· Primary source would be the actual subject, like footage of a great athlete or performer, or the actual song or film.

· Secondary would be sources about the subject, like a review, or discussion of the performance. It would also include evidence like box-office earnings, statistics, awards, etc.

· Include at least one objection that challenges your claim about your subject’s greatness. Respond fairly, but also come up with reasons why you still think your choice is superior. It could be based on the criteria you’re already using, or a clarification of a term or quality.

· Include at least one direct quotation and paraphrase from each of your sources. Use MLA style in-text citations).

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