Excel Formula Questions

Excel Formula Questions

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Excel Formula Questions

The purpose of this mini quiz is to make sure that students can apply the basic formula construction used in Excel. It assumes a working knowledge of those functions and concepts discussed and taught in introductory level information Systems classes. A student should be able to correctly construct all of these formulas; this mini quiz includes fundamental concepts and functions necessary to complete accounting and finance classes.

Instructions: Using the screenshot above for guidance, please provide formulas with cell references for the cells below. There are multiple correct answers to these questions. Some answers are more complex than others.
Q Cell Comment Formula
1 F4 Simply multiply the quantity delivered by the price =
2 H4 Calculate the tax using the tax rate (B12) and the line subtotal. =
3 H4 Make sure that the formula in H4 can be copied “down” by using absolute and relative references where appropriate =
4 H4 Make sure that the formula in H4 figures the tax only when the customer has bought taxable items represented by a “yes” in the taxable column =
5 I9 Create the subtotal value by adding the line Sub Totals =
6 I10 Create the Tax value =
7 I11 Create the Total Invoice Amount =
8 B13 Calculate the lost sales (number of items NOTdelivered) =
9 B14 Use a function to create the average number of items ordered =
10 E16 Calculate the average price of all items delivered =
BONUS F7 Why are the values in F7 (700.77) not 700 (7 * 100)?

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