Expository Writing 2

Expository Writing 2


Mrs. Domion

Expository Writing 2


PAPA Square: Herbert’s “Jim Crow Policing”

The rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos form the basis of rhetorical analysis. A PAPA Square will help you analyze these appeals in your reading and can be used in turn in your own writing. To apply this exercise to your reading, answer the questions around the outside of the box in reference to Herbert’s essay. In the center, identify the stylistic devices and logical, emotional, and ethical appeals Herbert uses to persuade his audience. Now fill in the PAPA Square for the Herbert essay.


(What is the writer’s purpose?)


(Who is the audience?)

Rhetorical Methods and Strategies Logical Appeals

Pathetic Appeals

Ethical Appeals

Stylistic Devices


(What is the thesis or argument?)


(What is the author’s persona or public image?)

In a paragraph, respond to one of the following topics:

1. What does this writer want us to believe?

2. What is your response to one of the author’s main ideas?

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