Field Experience B: Inclusion Teacher Interview

Field Experience B: Inclusion Teacher Interview

Practicum/Field Experience Observation and Activity Log Directions The practicum/field experience is an opportunity for teacher candidates to observe and participate in diverse educational settings, and to apply the theories and concepts learned in program course work. Please be mindful of the following guidelines when completing the practicum/field experience and the observation and activity log.

• Ensure that the teacher being observed is the teacher of record. Teacher Candidates should NOT observe para-educators for practicum purposes.

• Complete a separate Practicum Observation and Activity Log for each classroom being observed. (I.e. A teacher candidate must complete 10 hours of practicum for his/her course. He/she completes 5 hours in one classroom and 5 hours in another classroom. The teacher candidate should complete two separate logs, one for each experience.)

• Fill out the Practicum Observation and Activity Log in entirety including: o Teacher Candidate name and signature o GCU Course Name and Number o Name and address of the practicum/field experience site, o Name, email, phone, and signature of the observed teacher o Feedback/evaluation from observed teacher o Dates and times observation took place o Activities/what was observed

• Print clearly or type. The signatures required at the bottom of the form may NOT be typed. • Use a separate piece of paper if additional room is needed. Include any additional pages in the Taskstream submission. • The Practicum Observation and Activity Log must be submitted into Taskstream as a separate attachment from the course’s Benchmark

Assessment Assignment. • Incomplete hours may result in up to a twenty percent deduction for a related assignment.

o 0-99% completed = 20% module deduction o Students must complete all required practicum hours within the course timeframe. All required practicum hours not completed within

the course timeframe are subject to the assignment deduction AND must be made up prior to the end of the following course. Failure to complete all practicum hours required within the program of study may result in ineligibility into the Clinical Practice portion of the program.

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Practicum/Field Experience Observation and Activity Log

Teacher Candidate’s Name___________________________________________ Teacher Candidates’ GCU ID _____________________________________

Course Name/Number _______________________________________________ School Site Name _______________________________________________

Classroom Site Teacher’s Name _______________________________________ Classroom Site Teacher’s Phone/Email _____________________________

Log of Hours Spent:

Date Time Spent (Hours: Minutes)

Activity (What did you do?)


Classroom Teacher Evaluation: Thank you for allowing our learner to observe and/or participate in your classroom. At the end of the practicum/field experience, please evaluate the learner by taking into consideration that he/she is a prospective teacher. Write a brief narrative, in the space provided below, assessing the performance of the learner in the activities in which he/she was involved.

The data entered into the Observation and Activity log may be audited for accuracy by a College of Education Representative. Falsifying information is a form of Academic Dishonesty and is in direct violation of GCU’s Code of Conduct Policy. Teacher Candidate Signature Date Classroom Teacher Signature Date

Please submit this completed form to your TaskStream account in conjunction with the required assignment.

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  • Practicum/Field Experience Observation and Activity Log Directions

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