Final Project——4-5 pages

Final Project——4-5 pages

FINAL PROJECT: ALTERNATE OPTION Since there are many options, this leaves room for instructor discretion in grading. Please talk to your instructor before beginning your project.

____EDITING:   5 pts (or 10% of grade)

For example… Text is edited No (or few) grammar or spelling errors Text makes sense

Content is appropriate for a 100 level course

____VISUAL PRESENTATION:    5 pts (or 10% of grade)

For example… Photos and graphics are consistent in style

Text is in a visible, readable font, appropriate for the presentation method used

Creativity is used

Design is professional

Student’s name is included

____CONTENT:  40 pts (or 80% of grade)

For example… Topic was covered thoroughly Enough information was given to understand the topic Does not exclude any important information or include any unnecessary information

Shows an understanding of the material

Includes an introduction and conclusion

There are at least three references included, in proper form

TOTAL ________

45-50  A

40-44 B

35-39  C

30-34  D

0-29    F

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