First Day of School

First Day of School

My stomach is churning,

As my heartburn is burning.

A quick glance catches the frightened look

Of unsuspecting questions not found in a book:

Can I do this?

Will they like me?

Am I prepared?

Oh, how my stomach aches!

I am so scared that I begin to shake.

Where is my mentor?

Or my family?

What made me ever think…

First grade would be easy!

Twenty pairs of little eyes are upon me,

Good morning, class! I am your new teacher!

Closed Form Poetry

Closed Form Poetry has a defined pattern in rhyme scheme, meter, rhythm, and stanzas.

I chose a limerick: five lines and AABBA rhyme scheme.


There once was a lady named Nancy,

Who wanted everything to be fancy.

She dated a guy who was thought to be smart,

But to her dismay, he turned out to be a tart,

So now, she’s careful to not be too chancy.

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