GB512: Unit 5 Assignment Grading Rubric

GB512: Unit 5 Assignment Grading Rubric

Unit 5 Assignment Grading Rubric Percent possible


possible Points


Content per checklist

100% 165

The researched proposal evidences critical

thinking and analysis in providing all of the

following correct checklist items:

 Transmittal memo or letter, depending

upon the audience, that explains the

attached proposal


 Table of Contents


 Executive summary summarizing the



 Statement and general analysis of the

problem using research


 Assessment of the problem from various stakeholders’ viewpoints


 Minimum of one original graphic


 Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution


 Reference page following APA



 At least 5 cited sources, one of which is

from a peer-reviewed journal, no more

than two personal interviews and no

more than 15% direct quotes*


Subtotal: 80% 132

The Word document follows the template

format: Single spaced sentences, double-

spaced between paragraphs; use correct

spelling, grammar**, and punctuation, and

include a total of between 2500–3000 words

20% 33

(no more, no less) which includes all pages


Percent Total Points


Your Score:

100% 165

*Any proposal found to contain more than 15% direct quote will be subject to scrutiny for

violation of the University’s Policy of Academic Integrity and point deduction could be

substantially higher depending upon the prevalence of direct quote. Any submission that is

plagiarized or otherwise violates academic integrity will earn a grade of “0” and the incident will

be reported to the Provost’s Office.

**Any submission containing grammatical errors that are so serious as to interfere with delivery

of the message earns a grade of 0. Serious grammatical errors include sentence errors –

fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices. Further, errors in coherence, punctuation,

organization, and logic have the potential to earn a grade of 0. Such errors present a serious

obstacle in conveying your ideas and submissions containing such errors cannot earn a passing

grade. At the professor’s discretion, revisions may be permitted.

Any submission that fails to address the topic given or the assignment goal will earn a grade of 0 and/or a request for revision by the instructor.

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