Goal and Objectives 2

Goal and Objectives 2

Program Goal:

To reduce the prevalence of depression found in adolescent females from ages 14-18 by promoting positive self-esteem, healthy self-body image, and a greater sense of empowerment.

Process Objectives:

1. Six weeks before implementing F.L.Y, a group of 100 female adolescents ages 14-18 from Central High School in Los Angeles will participate in taking our needs assessment survey.

Explanation: This needs assessment survey will help us identify the level of depression these females may face, as well as what leads them to feel depressed and have low self esteem. After analyzing the results, we will be able to provide a program for the females who face depression, tailored to bettering their self-esteem and solving their biggest challenges.

2. Two months before implementing F.L.Y, six coordinators will have completed ten training sessions within two weeks on depression and empowerment, in order to be qualified in implementing the program to the adolescent females as reported by a post test on depression.

Explanation: Since we already work at Girls Incorporated and have experience in communicating with adolescents, we would only need to gain further knowledge on the subject of depression as well as greater empathy towards forming trust with the adolescents we are working with. Not only will these training sessions benefit the adolescents, but we the coordinators will be able to use this knowledge within our own life and the people we work with.

3. August 27th, 2018

Impact Objectives:

1. Immediately after completing the three month program, 90% of the participants will be able to identify the negative effects of depression as reported by a pre and post exam.

Explanation: One way to decrease the prevalence of depression among the participants is to educate them on the topic of depression. Their new knowledge will help them identify if they or other surrounding may have depression and ask them to consult a physician.

2. After two months of implementing F.L.Y, 85% of the participants will have the skills to safely navigate social media as reported through demonstrations and observation.

Explanation: Most teenagers do not give importance to the dangers that are involved when using social media. Having interactive lessons on the dangers and the information to be retained from being posted, will help them raise their self-esteem and be proud of their body image and content.

Outcome Objectives:

1. By the year 2020, the prevalence of depression among female adolescents at Central High School will be reduced by 20%.

Explanation: The success of the program will mean Central High school as well as the rest of the Los Angeles Unified School District will permanently incorporate F.L.Y after school. Since, the program revolves around boosting self-esteem, body image and encouraging empowerment among each other, less and less female adolescents will be at risk for feeling depressed.

2. Within one month of implementing F.L.Y, 50% of all participants will feel a positive increase in their happiness, body image and self-esteem.

Explanation: This objective will help identify all the activities, conversations, lectures and more that makes the girls feel a sense of belonging and happiness. Along with feeling reducing the prevalence of depression it is important that the adolescent females learn to love themselves by incorporating everything learned into their daily lives.

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