Please note that if you edit your initial response (Original Post), you will not get  credit for the Original Post. The discussions are set up as “Must post first”.

Your assignment consists of two parts:

1. Go to the internet and find a news article published within the last one year that discusses capital expenditures of the company, summarize key points and post in the Discussions area.

In your response please include the projected level of capital expenditures of the company.

2. Go to the home website of same company and find the description of the projects. Choose 2-3 projects from the list and describe what the projects are and what resources they require.  Can any of the projects that you selected be described as research collaborations? Why? Can any of the projects that you selected be described as academic collaborations? Why?  

Don’t forget to include the complete link to the article and to the project descriptions on company’s website that you are using for your posting.

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