HCM Healthcare Finance – Project Proposal Selection

HCM Healthcare Finance – Project Proposal Selection


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NOTE: If your proposal idea has already been approved, you still must complete this form. Simply complete entire form and circle YES in the last Checklist column just fill and the date Accepted!


Project Proposal Idea Checklist


Student’s First and Last Name:


Checklist Item(s)


Check  YES


Check NO

 If No> Take Alternative Steps Comments
H. C. Organization located on SEC Website?

· U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Search Tools

· U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Company Filings


Note: Control Right Click to open links or copy/paste in address bar

    If No> Select another organization from the SEC Website. Continue process until HC organization with 10K Form is located!  
SEC 10_K Form for H.C. Organization locate?     If NO> Select a different H.C. organization from SEC website  
Capital Item ($2,000 or greater: but less than $20,000)?     Try searching Medical Device Depot https://www.medicaldevicedepot.com


Name and type of device:
Capital Item: ONLY (1)

Lease Financing Option?

    Check Medical Device Depot for Lease Terms/mo. Leasing Terms/mo.
{Must Complete Process)Crosswalk Review- Each Milestone & Module: Confirm all documents and elements obtainable?     If NO> documents/materials are inaccessible then must select another organization! List Concerns
Does Capital Item support business need & organization objectives?     Select a different capital item Potential Impact
Is there justification?     If NO> Select a different capital item or discuss with instructor  
Name of Selected HC Organization: If multi system/facilities: Select ONE facility and location       List name here
List Date Submitted for Instructor review and approval:

Accepted: Yes or No

    If NO>Complete & email instructor your revisions within 24 hours.  

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