Health Law and Ethics

Health Law and Ethics

The next step after the publication in the Federal Register and adoption of the final rule is to post the final rule in the appropriate Code of Federal Regulation (CFR).  In this exercise we will look at the organization of the Code of Federal Regulations and specifically at the Blood Borne Pathogen portion of the CFR.   As with previous exercises this one is intended to provide an opportunity to review the structure and language of rules that may regulate your place of employment.   As you noticed looking at the Federal Register these rules are very complex and sometimes hard to follow.

Step 01. Start by going to the index for the Code of Federal Regulations.  You will note that the CFR is divided into specific sections.  Review the index from the Cornell University Law School and answer the following questions?

a. How many total CFR Titles are there?

b. Blood Borne Pathogen regulations are under the Department of Labor – which Title relates to the department of Labor?

c. Why would these regulations be under the Department of Labor and not in the Health Title?

Step 02.  Now go to the specific Title that contains the rule –

a. Select a Section under Subpart B and follow the “Bread Trail” until you get to the actual requirement.

b. Which Section did you follow?

c. Cut and paste the resulting requirement here

d. What was your impression of the process?

Step 03.  Since these rules are sometimes difficult to follow the Department of Labor publishes Standards to help an employer comply with the requirements.  The resulting list is almost like a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list.   Got to this link and review the various Standards and select one that interests you and then answer the questions below.  Osha Interpretations

a. Which standard did you select?

b. In general what did the letter tell you to do?

c. If you were an employer wishing to make sure you had properly protected your employees do you believe that the information was helpful or not?  Indicate why you believe it was helpful or not.

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