Health promotion paper

Health promotion paper


Step 2: Annotated bibliography and health promotion work product (due via Blackboard submission by the end of week 10; worth 90 points): Your annotated bibliography (worth 40 points) should contain between five (5) and ten (10) peer-reviewed journal articles (no more and no less).  For each article, you will provide: (a) the full APA citation (see APA manual 6th edition) or AMA citation with a one to two paragraph summary of the article as it pertains to your Health Promotion topic (i.e., focus on what content you will apply to your work product). That is, merely cutting and pasting the abstract constitutes plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly. Depending on the number of articles you include, the annotated bibliography will be between two (2) and four (4) single-spaced pages.  Your Health Promotion Work Product (worth 50 points) will vary in length and format. It should demonstrate the following: (a) incorporation of relevant empirical and/or expert resource content; (b) application of example course concept(s); and, (c) mastery of culturally-informed health promotion, education, and/or literacy on your topic.

Note: You may NOT use articles posted in this class for weekly readings in your Annotated Bibliography

Grading Rubric for this Paper:

1. Clarity/appropriateness of health promotion topic (approved by earlier due date):        ______/10

2. Annotated bibliography sufficient number of sources:                                                    ______/10

3. Annotated bibliography depth of review of articles:                                                        ______/20

4. Annotated bibliography correct APA or AMA format:                                                    ______/10

5. Work product incorporation of bibliography content:                                                      ______/20

6. Work product application of course concept(s):                                                               ______/10

7. Work product mastery of promotion, education, literacy, & dissemination:                   ______/20

My Topic is:

I plan to conduct my health promotion paper and work product on the topic of childhood obesity in Virginia. The population will be the children (18 and under). My literature review will on basic statistics, negative effects and complications of obesity on health, as well as the benefits of maintaining healthy lifestyle. This information will be used to design a health education fact sheet (my work product) to be disseminated to CHKD hospital and Virginia public schools.

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