Here are two ideas as possible Organizational Leadership Analysis topics…

Here are two ideas as possible Organizational Leadership Analysis topics…


Here are two ideas as possible Organizational Leadership Analysis topics…

Implement a new program for internal career growth tracking. In a large Fortune 500 matrix organization, it would be helpful to have an accessible career path tool that would be accessible to all in the organization. It would outline the necessary requirements to be considered as qualifiers when seeking to change roles within the organization. This may include instituting requirements for voluntary hours in a new role in order to be considered a qualified candidate in filling open positions. The benefit of this would be that there would be a much more satisfied and vested workforce that will allow the organization to remain vibrant with ever evolving change. It would also prevent staff from leaving the organization for a competitor organization. Finally, the tool would also serve the HR department, specifically the recruiters in identifying internally qualified candidates.

Implement a new Performance Management program. The idea would be to implement a program with suggested guidelines of continual bi-weekly or monthly check in conversations with leaders as opposed to waiting until the end of the year to create a year-end summary report. The new program would include a preliminary conversation about expectations from the leader on goals and objectives to achieve by the end of the year. There are some roles especially in supporting administrative roles that currently do not have goals and objectives clearly set out. If something more formal such as the above mentioned could be formalized, it would probably give staff a clearer sense of successful performance accomplishments throughout the year. Goals could include a wide range as far as tracking invoices, striving toward savings on recurring departmental expenditures, helping to streamline a process, providing mentorship and training, etc. In this manner, surprises at the end of the year would be prevented. There would be opportunity throughout the year to address any challenges, offer any needed support or resources, with the purpose of achieving goals that will support the overall organization’s mission with transparency and setting up staff for success from the onset.

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I’m glad we can get feedback on this as it is something I have been thinking about and running by professors as I have worked through the program. My background is in nursing and I have written the majority of my papers on my experience with an organizational acquisition and large layoff. However, I have not worked for 6 years now and healthcare it is not the direction I am going with my career.

What is most relevant to me now and what I hope to work within the future is advocacy for special needs children and their families, specifically when it comes to working with the school district and advocating for the needs of the child. I have three children with autism two of which are in self-contained special education classrooms and require significant support to aid their growth and education.


My professional background and experiences have allowed me to position myself as an active member of my children’s education team and establish myself as a parent leader. This means establishing the vision of where I want to see my children in the future, getting buy-in from their team, creating partnerships, and coordinating with their therapists, educators, school district staff and anyone else involved in their care.

Strategic issue: restructuring? Implementation? Little of both?

Coincidentally, there has been a change in staffing in one of my son’s educational teams giving me the opportunity to once again re-establish myself with the new teacher who is herself a new grad and taking on her first special education classroom. Not all parents take the lead as I do and it can be off-putting to some teachers and specialist if they are not accustomed to this type of structure. The MAOL program has allowed me to see how I could have handled situations similar to this one better and more effectively in the past.

The intent with this assignment is I can work through that process and formulate a plan for success for the teacher, her staff, her students, and for other parents of children with special needs to utilize in the future.

Key Issues:

-Change and adaptation to a new teacher with staff, students, and parents who have been with the same teacher for up to 3 years now.

-The teacher is new and although has recently received her teaching degree she is not specially trained or certified for special education. She is not familiar with managing an IEP (Individualized education program) team, students, staff or parents yet.

-Relationships have not been established yet to form trusting collaborative partnerships.

Thank you for any and all feedback offered!

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One strategic organizational issue that I would like to further dissect and analyze for peer and instructor feedback is to Identify shortfalls within a failing sub-organization and lead the team back to success with little relatable specific duty responsibility experience.

The strategic leadership organizational issue is an overall organizational problem that was recognized over the course of three consecutive quarters. The amount of repetitive and new issues that were uprooting from this sub-organization was quickly becoming a regular occurrence. It was immediately identified that a leadership problem might be the root cause considering that the Master Sergeant whom is normally the Flight Chief moved to a new duty station and the Technical Sergeant was retiring very soon. Two other higher ranked positions are currently left unmanned. This left the highest ranking individual was a Staff Sergeant to guide the team. I was specifically named by the Squadron Commander to take control of the Flight. This position is above my current grade that I currently hold. This is great for my career advancement but my primary duty experience is Aircraft Maintenance Management and my highest experience of leadership was an Assistant Flight Chief. The new position was to be the Flight Chief of Munitions. In other words in charge of all the personnel whom guide, track, order, and issue bombs. Not necessarily my familiarity. From a leadership level, I am very comfortable with leading teams towards a successful vision. The biggest challenge is leading men and women that take a lot of pride within the small community as Ammo Troops, and how do I become a trusted agent within that team if my breadth of experience is pretty ignorant. My Commander has placed me with complete empowerment to lead and steer the ship as I seem fit for the best of the entire organization

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