History Questions

History Questions


Question 1

The great efforts that Jefferson the president made to ensure there is freedom for the people of American slavery made him gather enough electoral votes to become the president. In addition, Jefferson supporters when they heard of the slave revolution in Haiti were dismayed by it even after the French revolution, which is alike with the event of Gabriel’s revolt. Another achievement he made is that he greatly minimized the size of the federal administration and freed those put in jail by the sedition act. Jefferson as well reduced the size of the American navy and army. Jefferson was able to raise the economic status of the country by abolishing all the taxes except the tariff ones. He made sure the size of the U.S. was increased by purchasing the land of Louisiana. He won the Barbary wars. One of the major failures during his reign is that his Embargo troupe which he used to execute his diplomatic duties provided trade with colonies making more Americans to become slaves in their own land.

Question 2

The scientific drive President Jefferson had in mind for Lewis and Clark’s voyage was that, he wanted Lewis to acquire some scientific expertise and to purchase tools that would be required on the expedition. Lewis had to learn about map making and surveying. Also, Jefferson wanted scientific tools like arms and ammunition, an air rifle, chronometer and a sextant, medicines and ink.

Question 3

The maps that were used by the explorers were called the compass traverse maps. These maps were used to show the route that they travelled each day and the days to be explored when travelling.

Question 4

The relationship between the Native Americans and Lewis and Clark seems to be friendly because they learned that while in their voyage, productive negotiation and nonviolent affairs with native people essential for the exchange of gifts at each gathering.


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1) What were the achievements and failures of Jefferson’s presidency?

One of the achievements of Jefferson’s presidency are wrote the declaration of Independence in 1776, and purchase the land of Louisiana Territory from France which help effectively expand the size of the U.S. ; Also, one of the failures of Jefferson’s presidency is accept the Embargo Act . This were cause the American economy hugely dropped off in that time.

2) Explain how the drawing and passage in Documents 1 and 2 serve as evidence of the scientific purpose President Jefferson had in mind for Lewis and Clark’s journey.Document 1 is the map of the routes of the exploration of Lewis and Clark and Document 2 is the journal of their discovery. It can be seen that President Jefferson wanted to expand the land in the US and discover the knowledge of the soil and the geographical environment. Besides, during the journey of Lewis and Clark, they had opportunities to get to know the culture of the Native American which helped to harmonize the society

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