Homework of Principle of Marketing

Homework of Principle of Marketing

1. you are the brand manager for Maytag Washers and Dryers. Your new SD (Super Deluxe) 10 series will be released to

retail in November, 201g. which of the following will you automatically consider, given the strategic characteristics of

“shopping products” A. spiffs B. 10ts of PoP materials C. heavy inventory loading for broad distribution D. AandB E. AandC

The University of Utah changed and updated its logo several years ago and found that it was necessary to order new

stationery and business cards=for depaftments and staffof the university. This purchase would be called

A. modified rebuY. B. straight rebuY. C. new buy. D. standard buy. E. class buy.

Which problem solving variation would likely be used for clothing, sheets and towels, or electric can openers?

A. routine problem solving ‘g.’ timitea problem solving C. extended Problem solving D. either A or B E. either B or C




I 0. The success rate for new products is only but the success rate for Proctor and Gamble products is

-‘: A. 15%; 50%o B. 85Yo; 15% C. 20%; 80o D. 25Vo;75% E. proctor and Gamble falls into the success norm for ALL products which is 15%

If a marketer, doing causal research at retail store perimeter POPs, sets up “scent” diffirsers in the delicatessen and bakery sections of Utah supermarket chain “Harmans,” he/she is probably researching these kinds of influences:

A. marketing mix influences. B. psychological influences- C. situational influences. D. sociocultural influences. E. risk influences.

A magazinead shows a cherubic babysitting inside an automobile tire. The ad copy touts the dramatically improved traction of Michelin radial tires in rain and snow and informs parents of the ways in which tires will help them protect and

ensure the well-being of their children. The marketers of Michelin tires are attempting to appeal to consumers’

needs. –A pqrchological

B. security C. social D. personal E. self-actualization

13. A Ferrari automobile ad is supported by this slogan-“They Know who You Are when You Drive a Cadillac” This slogan

is most likely to appeal to Baby Boomer and/or X-Gen needs’ A. psychological B. security C. social D. esteem E. self-actualization


14. The long-running U.S. Army recruiting prograr.n that invited enlistees to “Be alI yor-r can be'” appeals to which of the

hierarchy ofneeds? A. psychological needs B. safetY needs C. social needs D. personal needs E. self-actualization needs

1 5. Because Maria is so strongly committed to a fat-free diet, she did not see a recent story in online New York rirnes

suggesting that some fat in one,s diet is healthy – and the story was staring her in the face as sl-re looking at an online photo

ofllgurp– Kardashian! The reason Maria did not see it is most likely the result of A. selectiverevaluation. B. selective comPrehension C. selective exposure D. selective intensitY E. stimulusdiscrimination

16. JoelEdgarisconsideringbuyinga20lglnfiniti atDahlelnfinitionStateStreet.Ashewalksintotheshowroom’heis trying to remember all of the negative .orr”lr.n.”s associated witli perceived risk- that he learned

at the DESB Biz School’

He is uncefiain-he thinks of four things but wonders if one of them is incorrect’ which is it?

A. a physical harm (physical consequences) B. size of the financial outlay requiied to buy the product (financial conseqttences) c. that might not feel better about himself after -uting the purchase (psy.chological consequences) D. that his (Jniversity of Utahfriends won’t approve of the purchase (social consequences) E. Joe can relax: all of the above are negative consequences associated with perceived risk

17. In Japan, when people see an ad for a Buick, they see a British .g1s1-Bsngdict cumberbatch-someone they like very

much (he would never do these ads in the u3A) – standing near the car. This is an example of Buick marketers employing:

A. risk reduction devices B. cultural conditioning C. classical conditioning D. operant conditioning E. AIO Profiling

1g. Researchers want to know the impact of the economy, consumer salaries, and competitive ads on 2018-2019 sales of

Maytag washers and dryers. Which of the following is true?

A. the economy is a dependent variable E’ Neither A’ B’ C’ nor D B. sales are an independent variable C. competitive ads are dependent variables D. sales are a dePendent variable

19. Alssa Goodstein is a marketer at Dean Foods. She needs category data on competitive sales. She is willing to pay for IRI

data because she will get the following tracking: A.Productvolumewholesaletvarehousesandretailstores B. Product velocity at wholesale and retail stores C. Causal research data as to what may have caused acceleration or deceleration of product/brand sales D. AandB E. A, B, and C

20. ucLA marketers conceived a2015 marketing campaign called “Higher Education- For Those who Place Education

Highest On Their Lists.,, Which of the following segments was at thl top of their “Higher Education” target list?

A. HisPanics B. Mexican-Americans C. African-Americans D. Caucasian-Americans E. Asian-Americans

21 . IKEA is a very interesting retail store. Products and prices are aimed at working and rniddle class income households ald innovated/engineered such that buyers can assemble them-sounds Iike a lot of fun. Relative to VALS-2. who is their target market?

A. Strivers B. Thinkers C. Experiencers D. Makers

E. Achievers

22′ Researchers for Hershey Chocolate observe shoppers who buy chocolates and other candies. After shoppers make their purchase, the researchers, standing at the end ofthe aisle, ask a few demographic and psychographic questions to better know who the buyers are. Then they give the shoppers some free chocolates for their time. What kind of research is this?

A. descriptive B. causal C. situational D. projective E. ethnographic

23. when your professor conducted a double-blind randomized milk taste test for a dairy client with University of Utah sample.students on campus, he was conducting research on a

A. primary; random B. secondary: convenience C. primary; convenience D. primary; quota E. secondary; random

24. Marry consumers have been moving toward store brands of cereals. To fight this erosion of brand loyalty, tactically-adept brand managers for Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Quaker consider which of the following?

A. lower prices B. provide more sales promotions C. develop new and exciting brands D. BandC E. A, B, and C

25. Duncan-Hines Cake Mix market researchers employed the technique of _ while conducting _ and in the process, discovered that women, in the 1960’s, thought of baking cakes as A. ethnographic research; personal interviews; if it should be a family activity B’ questionnaire data; Iaboratory experiments; difficult because it was necessary to follow careful directions C. field research; observation; if it were not worth the time D. personal interviews, ethnographic studies; if it were something they should do specifically with their daughters E. projective research; focus groups; if it were like having a baby

26. Kellogg’s conducts an experiment in Salt Lake City Smiths Stores and Los Angeles Ralph’s Stores. At the Smith’s Stores researchers raise prices but double their advertising expenditures. At the Ralph’s Stores, they lower prices but cut their advertising expenditures. They are conducting

— research.

A. descriptive B. exploratory C. causal D. observational E. none ofthe above

2J. lana Gold, the Marketing Director at Gastronorny lnc, a real-estate and restaurant marketing company in Salt Lake City wants to know what Utah residents think and feel abor-rt Gastronomy restaurants. SJre wants as little bias as possible in the results. If you were her friend and having studied marketing, you would advise her to conduct A. internet surveys of her custorner base B. telephone surveys of lrer custorner base C. in-depth interviews D. focus groups of members of her custorler base E. A, B, and C are all equally low-cost research alternatives

28. Bob Mazursky, a DESB graduate, is interested in adding “behavioral targeting” to his research tactics for 201812019. Which of the following might work for him? A. “Consumer at Home” ethnographies B. projective research in personal interviews C. focus groups D. AandB E. none of the above-“behavioral targeting” is a computer-assisted online tracking tool, not a personal diagnostic tool,

and is often loaded onto social sites like FACEBOOK or online shopping sites like AMAZON

29. The Gillette Super Mach 5 is the only razor in the world that provides an extremely close shave without ever cutting the user-this is due to Gillette’s patented technology called the “arc edge.” This is something that none of their competitors can match. Their marketers should employ and _ as differentiators and position this introductory product at the highest price, and _ position. A. function; emotion; away from the competition B. function; benefits; against the competition C. function, benefits; as better than the competition D. function; benefits; away from the competition E. function; emotion; as better than the competition

30. Kate Johannson, product manager for Swish, the new Clairol hair conditioner. This conditioner has one high-recall attribute among three attributes-it thickens better than all competitive conditioners. Which positioning attribute approach(es) would make most sense for Swish? A. traditional-this is the Rosser Reeves approach B. preemptive C. emotional D. AandB E. BandC

31. You are marketing a new Frito-Lay “convenience product” next year. What are the marketing strategy implications? A. consumers spend a lot of time judging product at the POP-so spend high for sales promotions and low for adveftising to assure high gross revenue B. resellers will anticipate widespread distribution-so you should “load” wholesalers with lots of inventory C. purchases will be frequent, which means consistent cash outlays-so your pricing will not be especially high D.AandBonly E.BandConly

32. After all research is in, Hannalr Myers sees three different segments for Clairol “Hair Beautiful.” She notes that the age cells are different and the occasion characteristics are different, but the other segmentation variables are similar. Hannalr wants to employ a low cost segnentation strategy that will work for all three segments. Which would she likely choose?


A. Concentrated B. Differentiated C. Undifferentiated D. Custom E. None of the Above

Recently, Kraft Foods built a graphic analysis of their Velveeta position in the cheese market. They chose two positioning variables-price and quality and drew intersecting axes to create quadrants such that they could assess high price/high quality cheeses against low price/low quality cheeses. In this, they were doing this: A. attitude mapping B. perceptualmapping C. causal mapping D. descriptive mapping E. differentiation curve mapping

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) decided to skip a generation of consumers with its 2010 to 2013 campaigns for Old Spice deodorant. The target market is now working and middle-class men, aged 18 to 34, who don’t remember the Old Spice brand sold to their grandfathers and whose surve]red opinions suggest that a deodorant really can identify them as “real s1sn”-1fus type women idealize (or so men are told). P&G is using which type of segmentation variable (s)? A. regional and demographic B. demographic and psychographic C. psychographic and behavioristic/benefits D. demographic E. psychographic

lmBev, the maker of Budweiser Beer, has hired a DESB marketing class to research this question: How are beer sales affected by the Super Bowl and March Madness? The class determines that the most likely segmentation variable in this study will be A. psychographic B. behavioristic/benefi ts C. buying situation D. socioeconomic E. geographic



implications. You think about what you should not do to attract consurlers, and you decide that you should not: A. offer discounts B. increase advenising C. mainlain high pricing D.AandBonly E. A, B, and C-you should not do any of these things.

37. Jason Manson is brand manager for Motts Applesauce, a mature brand. Recently, he built an adveftising campaign to change the way consumers thought about applesauce from being a dinnerlime side dish to being a replacement for cooking oil in baking. The adverlising message was that using applesauce in baking cuts calories and also makes the resulting cookies and cakes healthier. Jason was using a A. attitude mapping B. product positioning C. product differentiating D. product repositioning E. psychographic reorientation


38. Which-of the following is the best example of a convenience product? A. A Kindle Fire (computer “pad” product) B. A Lexus LS 400 luxury automobile C. A flight to Rio de Janeiro on American Airlines D. Oxford English Dictionary,-the full20 volumes at 30,000 pages E. Aim Toothpaste

39. Considering the common classification of consumer products, which of the following products will have the most limited distribution? A. Duncan Hines cake mixes B. Samsung phones (not including their incredible exploding phones) C. Quaker State motor oil D. Rolex watches E. New 201812019 Multi-Ethnic Barbie Dolls

40. Ryan Miller, a product manager for EXXON, is making a presentation on “branding” to his two new hires. He tells them that everyone already knows Exxon, but that it is very important to build greater brand loyalty, even for a “commodity” premium petroleum. Most imporlant, he said, deeper branding of EXXON could support higher prices and margins because it could create: A. price inelasticity B. price elasticity C. brand recognition D. promotional efficiencies E. all of the above would qualify as good reasons for building greater brand loyalty

41. You are assessing the SC Johnson consumer products portfolio for equity value. Which of the following would serve as the best measure? A. number of product and line extensions in porlfolio B. portfolio depth C. portfolio breadth D. prices of brands in the porlfolio E. portfolio length


42. Which of the following is the best example of a “product line” extension, which is the lowest level of risk from the company’s point of view? A. General Mills adding Fruity Cheerios to its Cheerios family of brands B. Proctor and Gamble adding Tide floor mops and floor cleaning systems C. Apple Computers setting up Apple I-Tunes D. FedEx Office adding coffee shops to its copy centers (fonnerly Kinko’s) E. 3M, the Post-it@ Flag Highlighter marketer making 3M tablet complrters

43. Before the Wrigley Company manufactured the prototype for its new brand “Five,” the “Five” brand rnanager listed all the benefits he and his team thought a new gum product should provide. What is the new product, “Five” called at this stage? A. core product B. prototype product C. actual product D. hypothetical product E. augmented product

44. Greg Johnson and his new product team at Tesla Automotive are drawing r-rp plans for a new, lower-priced battery-operated Tesla sporls car. Greg is convinced that if they apply the “Total Product Concept” to the new product process, they will produce a superior product which will have a long product life cycle. To implement the “Total Product Concept,” Greg will concentrate on four factors. Which of the follow is not one of the factors the team will consider? A. product image B. product packaging (style and under-the-hood) C. product pricing D. product service and warrantee E. product branding

45. When Kraft acquired Philip Morris/General FoodsA.,labisco, all did not go well. Kraft marketers anticipated that the acquisition would provide such advantages as steady cash flow, established-share products, and some very experienced brand managers, but they did not anticipate one very serious disadvantage-disadvantage which almost cost them a lot of business at Wal-Mart and Kroger Stores. Which of the following was it? A. debt load complicated by change in interest rates B. legal liabilities that had never been handled by Kraft C. assimilation trauma in merging the companies D. the need for immediate repair of plant assembly lines E. a recession that would occur within a month of the acquisition

46. Black and Decker “AutoVac” brand will be introduced this October,2078. Karen Jones must make a decision with regard to expenditures. She has lined up about 40Yo of her desired distribution. Karen still has a million dollars available to spend. Where should she spend it? A. adding more sales promotions such as couponing an TPRs B. adding more advefiising C. adding more stores into distribution D.AandR E.BandC

4l . Jamie Patterson is the brand manager for fruit juices at the Sunkist Company. She is considering adding new Mambo Grape JuicebrandtothejuiceproductlineatapricepointjusttencentslessthanSunkist’s KissedByTheSunGrapeJuicebrand. Her goal is to gain share from a competitive brand called Real Grapes. What is her most likely concern A. increased production costs E. consumer brand confusion B. product cannibalization C. number of skus to produce D. competitive reaction

48. Jamie Patterson introduced the first new fi’uit jr-rice product line extension last year and it has done well. It is called Exotic

I Blends with Ginseng, and it now has some new cornpetitors. Clearly, it is in the growth phase. She decides to dor-rble theY advettising and sales promotion budgets. Hor,vever, Jarnie is concerned that her VP of rnarketing might find sorne fault with this iecision. You know that he won’t have a problem with her decision. Why not? A. the market is still growing…and yor-rr profits are still growing, too.” B. increased advefiising and promotion costs actually represent a decrease in expenditr-rres as a percentage of sales

. C. the distribution is better, and your distribution costs will start to fall, freeing up some funds for promotions. D.AandBonly E. A, B, and C

49. Jamie Patterson is now planning to introduce the second fruitiuice product Iine extension and there are no other juices like it in the market!. It is called Exotic Blends with Acai.. It goes to market September 8, 2018. She knows her introductory marketing objective (s). Do you? Fine-then choose. A. signing on distribution partners B. gaining brand awareness from consumers C. introducing the product at value price acceptable to consumers D.AandBonly E,. A, B, and C are all introdr-rctory marketing objectives

50. Jamie Patterson is wondering how she should handle Kissed by the Sun Apple Juice when it enters PLC decline. Help her

out. Which of the following would be reasonable options? A. add a new attribute to the brand B. raise the price in selective markets C. lower the price in selective markets D. B and C could both work E. A, B, and C could all work

51. Jamie Patterson is setting prices for her newly-maturing juice products, in distribution since late Novembet 12,2010. Which of the following will she, as a general rule, apply to these maturing products? A. lower prices slightly at the beginning of the mature cycle just to hold share as it is not possible to gain new share

during the mature phase B. lower prices immediately as much as she can, so as to earn share quickly and hold it as long as possible C. raise prices slightly to increase profitability but then drop prices slightly when competition heats up D. raise prices as much as possible so as to increase profitability during this mature phase “. E,. leave prices constant as there is no good reason to adjust pricing yet. She can offer promo prices (TPRs) first

and lower prices later when her competitors begin to lower their prices

52. Jamie Patterson is doing research on a new soft drink targeted to Millennial men and women, ages 23 to 38. She needs to choose a sampling technique. Which would you recommend? A. random sample B. quota sample C. stratified random sample D. convenience sample E. any of the above, A-D would work well

53. Greg Johnson’s new product team at Tesla Automotive is working on a lower-priced battery-operated sports car for 2020, and they are concerned with new product adoption. Greg has gathered his team in a corporate classroom and listed on the whiteboard some of the product characteristic barriers to the rate of product diffusion that he thinks must be monitored. Which of the following is a diffusion barrier that Greg would not have written on the board? A. product’s relative advantage B. product’s price C. product’s compatibility D .product’s con-rplexity E. product’s trialability





you are the vp of Marketing at stauffer Foods and you leam that the puddings packaged desserts line from General a”o! (GF) is available for acquisition. This division produces successful products like Pudcling Paps, Instant Pudding, and I Pudding in a Cup. You make some of assumptions abotrt this line. Which assumption would you not make? \ A. purchasing the line would bring established distribution for Stauffer Foods B. purchasing the line would bring immediate cash flow for Stauffer Foods C. purchasing the line would add equity value to Stauffer Foods D. purchasing the line could create some difficulties in dealing with debt load E. A11 of the above would be reasonable assumptions to make

Toro makes Toro Snow Blowers, Toro Lawn Mowers, Toro Chain Saws, and Toro Garden Hoses. This is an example of A. multi-branding B. family branding C. co-branding D. dualbranding E. mixed branding

According to a video we watched in class, gendered products marketing is a favored approach because they produce

A. higher sales B. higher margins, C. higher levels of consumer satisfaction D. BothA and B E. Both A and C

Jordan Smith, VP of Consumer Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive, is responsible for the revenue and profits of l0 brands. He wants to increase his real estate footpdnt in retail over the next five years. To which of the following should he give primary consideration:

A. price B. depth C. sku count D. length E. breadth



Dana Jankowski, a brand manager at Alberlo Culver Products, is asked to rnake a judgment as to whether the company is really taking advantage of all segment opportunities in the marketplace. Which of the following would she measure first? A. portfolio depth B. porlfolio length C. porlfolio breadth D. porlfolio decline rate E. level of brand cannibalization

Margo Jones is entering her company’s causal field research, collected from primary research, conducted by her Midwest research team, into the Alberto Culver Company ata base. A. specific information B. ongoing information C. monitored information D. AandB E. A, B, and C

60. The most typical cause (number #1 on a list of 10 causes) for new product failure is: A. bad market timing B. little or no relative advantage C. little to no primary demand D. lack of differentiation E. improper pricing.

61. RSI Inc. is marketing an inventory software system to the retail industry. This industry is characterized by the following channels: raw supply, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. RSI has macrosegmented the market and could market to all these channels, but due to marketing costs, has decided to sell only to one channel: distributors. RSI Inc. is employing this macrosegmentation criterion:

A. End-use macrosegmenation B. Geographic macrosegmentation C. Vertical macrosegmentation D. Size macrosegmentation E. Horizontal macrosegmentation

62. Samsung will introduce a new lightweight VR (Virtual Reality) product this year. New products are always a risk, but North American Brand Manager Jackson Cooke feels confident that product diffusion norms will “virtually” guarantee a

rate of innovator diffusion.

A. I percent B. 1.5 percent C. 2.5 percent D. 3 percent E. 3.5 percent

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