Hourly Rounding: A Strategy for Reducing Falls in Hospitalized Patients

Hourly Rounding: A Strategy for Reducing Falls in Hospitalized Patients


Hospital falls are common occurrence in hospital setting. According to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2013), about one million people fall yearly American hospitals alone. Among these, about 35 percent results in injuries. Injuries due to hospital falls has been associated with various negative outcomes including prolonged hospital stays, reduced quality of life and high hospital bills. Due to these negative impacts, stakeholders need to be more proactive addressing the problem. In essence, stakeholders need to come up with strategies that are aimed at preventing falls. One strategy that can be used to reduce the number of falls in hospital setting is hourly rounding. According to Daryl Dyck, Tracy Thiele, Rodney Kebicz, Michelle Klassen and Carly Erenberg (2013), hourly rounding is one of the most effective method of reducing falls.

Problem statement

Falls in hospital settings present a threat to the safety and well-being of the patient. According to Erin L. D. Bouldin et al. (2012), nearly 2% of hospital stays in America are complicated by falls. Although the problem is common in elderly patient, hospital falls affects patients of all ages. The impacts of hospital falls are devastating as it affects the quality of healthcare, the quality of life, the cost of medication and length of treatment. Due to the devastating effects of hospital falls, it is necessary to prevent them from occurring.


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