Hudson Bay Company

Hudson Bay Company

Group Name: Group D

Group Member:  Zhanchao Lin, Xiaoqian Yu, Xuting Wang, Qing Chi, Xingyu Paul Zheng,

Yuan Che.

Research question: What is the total revenue from 2011-2015?

Description: We found out HBC’s data about its revenue. The web page provided us three main sources: total revenue, retail store sales and ecommerce sales, and also their growth rate from 2011-2015. Actually total revenue include retail store sales and ecommerce sales. Therefore we decided to use total revenue as our data of graph. The total revenue of Hudson’s Bay Company increased steadily every year. The growth rate was from 4%-8%.Until 2015. The largest increasing rate was 8% in 2015. The total revenue was increased by over 200 million during these years.


eMarketer Inc (2018). Hudson’s Bay Co. Total Revenues and Growth [Table].Retrieved from

Total revenues (MM) 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1075.521851 1143.3820659999999 1171.605035 1221.640216 1320.3815179999999


Total revenues

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