I have attached my UNit 3 assignment to the question – deliver in 20hrs

I have attached my UNit 3 assignment to the question – deliver in 20hrs

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1. Ethical compliance within an organization is done for employees and the company benefits. The use of ethical standards can reduce both the chances of the lawsuit at workplace and help in creating a work environment that is positive. Before the corporate ethical policies understanding both corporate advantages and disadvantages of an organization’s ethical compliance.


Abide by workplace laws

A strong ethical standard in the workplace helps in creating relationships at work that are strong between the management and the staff which ensures that the employee turnover has reduced and improves morale and has positive productivity effect.

Creating workplace culture

An ethical compliance policy assists in creating a workplace culture where all employees are respected and treated fairly. Equal opportunities are given to the employees and help the workplace to become a maturing and positive environment.


Lack of support from the management

Lack of management support makes the ethical compliance ineffective as it requires comprehensive support from the management. In case the management decides to apply its own corporate ethics, there would be a clash of principles can cause workplace confusion.


Within an organization, implementation and maintenance of the compliance program are very expensive and time-consuming.

2. Employees should participate in a mandatory ethics training every year because in every year there are new ideas that employees should update themselves. There are always new ethical policies that are invented every year and employees should be trained to cope in the job market. In addition, employees should always be reminded of the ethical compliance program since human beings are prone to forgetting.

3. At all levels of the company, employees make decisions. It can be in the top, frontline or anywhere between. Facing ethical dilemma is very normal to any employee of an organization and some of the issues can be more challenging than others. Decision effectiveness can increase when an employee can always consult the compliance policies of the organization. The employee will always make the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma because he or she understands the compliance policies.

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